Vision 030 - Angels of Earth - Part 3


During muraqba meditation at dawn, I saw my spirit guide read the names of God (Isma-e-Ilahia), and he blew on my forehead; he put his hands on my head and then rays of Noor were absorbed into my head, flowing through his hand.

After that I saw myself in space with him.  I saw a group of eighteen angels.  They were extremely beautiful.  Their wings were golden and their bodies were made of different colours.

My spirit guide was constantly blowing the Isma-e-Ilahia (names of God) on my forehead.  Lights of Isma-e-Ilahia flowed out of his mouth and into my forehead.  From my forehead the light travelled to my mind.  In that light, I saw each and every cell of my brain.  His light spread over my brain cells like a covering.

I felt comfort at seeing the light in my brain.  I felt that from now on I would be able to understand the language of the angels.

We moved forwards and I saw a hundred and fourteen angels at a place.  A thought came to my mind that they were heavenly angels.  I felt a heavenly feeling inside me in seeing them.  I walked among them and tried to understand their language.  There were angels all around me.

One angel was in front of me.  When I saw him, it appeared that he had said to another angel, “she is trying to listen to our talk”.  The other angel replied, “Oh that means she has a strong light in her mind”.  The first angel said, “She has the light of Ism”.  That was the light of my spirit guide.  The second angel replied, “It is good if she can understand our language, we can help her a lot”.  Then I said, “O angels of heaven, inspire me with those words and thoughts that will help me to tread on the straight path towards God”.

They looked at me with a surprise look.  They respectfully bowed in front of me and said, “We are your servants and we are very glad to know that you are also a heavenly person like us.  We are ready to import to you all the information.”

After that I said goodbye and left.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)