Vision 029 - Angels of Earth - Part 2


During meditation I saw my spirit guide hold onto me tightly into his arms and then I moved upwards in space with him.  There were groups of angels here and there in space.

At one point, I saw that there were three hundred and thirty-three angels in a group.  I tried to understand their language, their manners and postures but could not understand.

I told my spirit guide that I could not understand the language of the angels.  He recited some Isma-e-Ilahia (names of God) and blew on my forehead.

We moved forward and saw a group of twenty-seven angels.  They were all very happy and talking to each other.  I still did not understand their language.  Once again I explained my inability to understand the angelic language to my spirit guide.  He repeated the Isma-e-Ilahia and blew on my forehead again.

The desire to understand the angelic language increased gradually.  “I wish I could understand the language of the angels”, I said out loud.  I felt as if a cassette recorder was being played very fast on a tape recorder.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)