Vision 028 - Angels of Earth - Part 1


During meditation my spiritual guide appeared and placed his feet upon my feet. Suddenly I was high up above the clouds.  There was a soft glow similar to moonlight all around me. On my right I could see nine angels suspended like birds in the light.  Their faces appeared human-like and they were holding hands whilst talking happily to one another. I could not understand their language, which sounded a bit like a tape playing at high speed.

As I moved forward I saw a group of nineteen angels. They also seemed very happy. Some were holding hands and others were hugging each other as if they were close friends.  I moved forward to get a closer look at the angels. Their bodies were made of translucent light. Some had pale green bodies, others had pale pink and a few were light blue.

I tried very hard to understand their angelic conversations.  After a few moments of concentrating, the voice of an angel reached me.  This angel told his friend, “She’s watching us”.  The other angel didn’t mind being watched and carried on with his activities.  The first angel then said, “I’m telling you, she’s watching us” and moved away from his friend. Then the other angels started noticing me and asked each other if I was watching them.  I smiled and greeted them. On hearing my voice, the angels look around to see where the voice was coming from.  When they realised it was I, they are all looked amazed and then greeted me.  The first angel then said to the others, “I told you she was watching us”. I found their reaction extremely amusing.

Moving forward, I later saw a group of sixty-nine angels. Some were standing, others were sitting and a few were reclining.  I could see that angels lived suspended in an atmosphere of divine light.  These angels were talking with one another in this relaxed atmosphere.  The speed of their speech was extremely fast.  I was curious as to how the angels remain suspended in space. On closer observation, I saw that their body was made of light and had virtually no weight. Each body consisted of various coloured lights. These lights also beamed out from their body and appeared like wings. The angelic wings shimmer in specific colours like gold, pink and blue.

I could see another group of thirty-nine angels, this time their bodies of light were similar to the colour of Mercury.  I liked the look of these angels and moved closer to greet them.  One of them came towards me and respectfully says, “Peace be upon you. My name is Amnaveel.  I am your obedient servant”. Now, according to the law of “Taskheer-e-Kainaat” which means ‘The conquering of the Universe’, this angel is bound to serve me. So I reply, “Peace be upon you too, Amnaveel. Now that you are in my service will you follow my instructions and commands?” The angel Amnaveel humbly accepted.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)