Vision 027 - Divine drops of Light


At night during the meditation, I felt a Divine presence very clearly, as God is very close to me. He commanded me to come closer, when I did then he poured few drops of His lights (Noor) into my head. At first, these drops felt like fire, but then immediately, I saw a stream of light was flowing in my body from head to toe. I realised that this was God’s light and with this realisation I felt coolness, peace, and protection.

This state of mind helped me to concentrate on the Divine lights and what kind of properties they have. This concentration produce’s the power of visualisation. I started to look into my mind, where the lights were being poured into, by God. First of all I saw the drops of Divine lights, and my instinct told me, the divine lights (Noor) are the will of God. He put His intention into my mind, as my mind was so eager to know all the process of these lights. This gathered my whole attention into my mind. I saw my mind surface, it is like a honey comb, but its shape was in grafted columns. All columns were in darkness. Then the divine drops of lights were put in. At that moment I realised the drops meant that the certain amount of lights had the specific knowledge within.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)