Vision 026 - Destination path and the traveller


During meditation, I felt a strong affection and appreciation towards Ascended Master Sabir Pak and had a great desire to see him. At that moment my spirit guide appeared, I said to him, “Could I have your permission to go to Ascended Master Sabir Pak, as I am missing him badly.” My spirit guide granted me permission and I then went to see Ascended Master Sabir Pak.

In the next moment, I was standing at his tomb. I said my greetings to him and immediately the grave opened like a door from the middle. I saw him lying in the grave. He answered my greeting

I said “O Master, why has the grave door opened in a different manner. This is very unusual for me.”

“We opened the grave door for you. Come and step in.” he answered.

I said “O Master, I eagerly want to embrace you, please let me do so. “

He said, “If you step in the grave, your wish will be fulfilled.”

I stepped in and in an instant I saw myself standing in ‘Araf’ (dream world). Ascended Master Sabir Pak was standing in front of a gate of a great palace. I realised this was his palace and respectably bowed down to him and said “O Master, you have got great spiritual powers and it shows in your kindness and the way you pay your attention to a condemned woman like me. But despite everything I know my soul loves you deeply.”

He said, “We love you as well, come closer to me.”

I stood facing towards him. He looked intentionally towards my heart. After a few seconds my heart opened in the middle. He filled his lights inside it, and when I looked at my heart, the inside surface of my heart was made of a mirror. I watched carefully, and saw inside the heart a very large hall. The hall walls were covered with mirrors. These mirrors were reflecting the very clear pictures of the universe.

I watched these pictures for some time, and then he said, “The Book of Life is a universal film of the Divine Being. The life of every human is recorded on this film. Each man’s life is recorded into sides. One side shows all the good aspects of a movement of his life stream, and the other side shows all the negative results of the movements of his life’s stream. Man has the free will, to decide, if he wants to know the negative knowledge of a thing or the positive knowledge of the thing. Both being recorded all ready in the will of God. When man makes his decisions, he becomes a part of that film. For example, one has the information to eat something. By absorbing the light of information or thought he feels hungry if his way of thinking is positive he will eat the healthy food in a good manner. But if he thinks in a negative manner he will eat the food that will not benefit his health.

The Book of Life is the record of time, in which the universe objects are floating thoughts. These are information of the tinniest moment of that time. Every split second of time has got a picture of the universe. That particular time is the recorded film of the universal movement.

Time is the path, on that path the creatures are travelling. Mankind has the privilege to learn the knowledge of his path and the destiny, and how to get there in the shortest time. In the universal recorded time there are two roads to travel. Both the destination is one which is the Creator Himself. One road leads to the destination. The other pushes you far from the destination. Mankind will stand between these paths. All the deeds of mankind are the actions, which is the soul movement or travelling on these paths. As soon as man decides to do the action, his will power triggers the soul movements on either path.”

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)