Vision 025 - The Path of Heaven


In the dome of Noor meditation, I saw that my spirit guide and I were enclosed within this dome. He was taking me on a journey within this dome. I heard a continuous sound and asked him, “What kind of sound is this?”, because it sounded familiar to me and it was addressing me, but I did not understand what this sound was saying.

My spirit guide said, “Child look up with me, keep God in your mind.” With this in mind I looked upwards. A beam of mercury light emerged from my mind, and went straight upwards to the tip of the dome where I could see an open pathway. As this light emerged along this path, I immediately felt the presence of God, and instantly I heard these words of God, “O servant, O servant, O servant.”

 At this point I realised, as I thought of God, God responded to me.
This experience taught me that as human beings remember their Creator, He immediately responds to his servant and bestows love upon them.  I also saw, apart from this path, many other doors to my left and right. I asked my spirit guide “what is this Dome?” He replied that this dome was the circumference of the universe and everything that was in the universe, orbits within the boundaries of this dome.

My spirit guide stated that the pathway I saw at the tip of the dome was the Path of Heaven. This is the path that leads to God.

The doors that I saw all around led to the knowledge of the universe. My spirit guide ordered me to open these doors and learn what is behind them. I opened a door and saw many people working inside God’s light. They were all doing the same thing, i.e., they were all hairdressers. Some of them were plaiting hair; others were making buns out of hair. They were all designing hairstyles.

When I opened the next door, I saw many people working in God’s light, and these people were tailors. I carried on opening these doors one by one and saw that behind each one of these doors, people were practising different occupations. So behind each door I saw a different job being done.

I said to my spirit guide, all these occupations are being carried out in God’s light, these are worldly things.  All these doors within the dome were open. Anyone who chooses could enter these doors, and God will not prevent them from doing so.

I said, “Do you mean to say that all that we do is according to the will of God?” My spirit guide answered, “Child this dome and all the paths within this dome are all created by God. The Creator has given man the light of his attributes. These attributes becomes mans abilities. He chooses for man to reach his potential and use his abilities. This is how man shows his gratitude to Him. Behind each door you saw the light of God’s attributes, one by one. All the work we do is in fact the display of His attributes.”

After hearing this I asked my spirit guide, “What ever action we take, the display of God’s attributes, is man blamed for his action?”

My spirit guide pointed and said, “Look over there.” I looked inside a door. The people were working as if they were blind or mentally disabled, as if they had lost their way and were, wandering aimlessly. Everybody behind that door seemed confused. Yet they were all active, however, not one of them was doing a proper job. They were drifting from the light into the dark and vice versa.

My spirit guide asked, “Do you know the reason for what you have seen?” I said, with amazement, “The white light is not emerging from these people, they have forsaken God and they do not remember God.”

My spirit guide said, “When man does not have faith in God and does not remember God, then this light does not come from the mind, leading them to the straight path, the path of God, the Path of Heaven. For this reason he cannot benefit from the nature of the attributes he is working in and whatever he tries to do, the outcome is not right. The reason for this is that mans abilities are not his own, but the light of God’s attributes. When we do not connect to our own will with God’s will, we do not get the right power within which to work.”

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)