Vision 024 - Noor and Naar


At dawn Muraqba I saw my spirit guide approaching. He was wearing milky white coloured clothes, so I thought to myself, why he is wearing such white clothes.

As I concentrated, I saw a white milky beam of energy coming from his heart and it entered my heart. I saw my heart as a deep well and this light poured into it for some considerable time, but still the well of my heart did not fill. It took a long time for the light to fill the well then I asked my spirit guide what was the qualities of this light.

He said, “You will be able to Benefit Mankind with these lights; when you shine these lights onto another person, that person will be safeguarded with these lights. These lights will surround the person and then will be able to benefit from these lights.”

We then reached Ascended Master Baba Aulia’s Tomb conveyed our respects. He greeted us with enthusiasm and sat at the position of his feet at his tomb.

I saw Ascended Master Baba Aulia standing by me. And with great respect and commitment I kissed his gracious feet and in return he blessed me. After a few moments he disappeared.

Then I asked my spirit guide to take me see Ascended Master Sabir Pak in Kaliar in India. He said, “Let’s go.” As soon as my request was granted in a flash I was in Kaliar Sharif. I stood at the Tomb at the position of Sabir Paks feet and conveyed my greetings. At that moment the tomb opened and a stairway became visible. I descended these stairs and saw a most handsome young man who respectfully greeted me and introduced himself as a humble servant of Sabir Pak.

He said, “I have been sent to receive you.”

We both went and made our way towards the head of the tomb. I travelled in a direction along a parallel road. At the end of the road I could see a palace. I thought that there was only one palace in each direction of the tomb, but now I realised that there were two palaces at the head of the tomb. We approach the palace, when at a glance I could see this palace was made of sapphires. It was a most grandiose palace. We entered and crossed a passageway leading to a large hall.

In the hall I saw Ascended Master Sabir Pak sat on a magnificent armchair. I bowed respectfully and paid homage. He was wearing a most elegant robe, clad with precious jewels, diamonds and emeralds, rubies and much more.

It would be my heart felt desire to remain at his feet for my entire existence no matter which lifetime it was. I felt fulfilled when I was in his company. I kiss his hands and he was touched at my humbleness; he reached out his arms and embraced me.

After this the scene changed suddenly. I saw that Ascended Master Sabir Pak was teaching me and we were now sat in an open space. This space was surrounded all around by different coloured lights.

He said, “Do you know what are Noor and Naar?” And then he explained;

 Noor is the knowledge and revelations of God.

 Naar is the argument of this Knowledge.

Noor is a creative attribute and God is the light of the Heavens and Earth. In other words everything has been created with this Noor; all the books of revelation have said that the disbelievers will be the dwellers of hell fire.”

“In others words Naar is the opposite of Noor. Naar is the power of destruction. Everything is created in pairs or opposites. Without which it is not possible to recognise the other. For example, day and night. One can only appreciate the benefits of day light in the presence of the darkness of night.”

“Noor is God’s creative attribute and the knowledge of these attributes has been bestowed upon Man. The meaning of knowledge is to recognise something, to understand the full definition. The benefits and harmfulness, the ability to use all these things from knowledge. God has revealed that the base of all creation is Noor. (Light)”

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)