Vision 022 - Law of Nature


In Muraqba I began to think of Kaliar Sharif, which is a holy place in India, then I find myself at the Tomb of Ascended Master Sabir Pak. I see that the tomb is illuminated, so I respectfully conveyed my greeting to the Ascended Master; and then the tombstone moved to one side and revealed a stairway.

I began to descend down the stairs and arrived at the Palace of Ascended Master Sabir Pak. I saw Him sat on a throne in full glory. I requested to kiss His feet. After which he invited me to visit his Palace.  In one room there was a machine. I saw that this machine is automatically producing ready-made clothes of different designs.

I asked the Ascended Master, “Who is operating this machine?  The designs keep on changing every few minutes and no one can be seen to be controlling this machine.”

He smiled and said, “Everything in this zone is controlled by ones will. When we image a design and make the intention to produce it, this machine reads our thoughts and automatically makes the garment”.

The existence of the universe is for the benefit of mankind. According to the law of nature, man possesses the will to operate anything that is in the universe. But it must be clearly understood that a particular machine produces one kind of article. Man cannot make it produce a different article with his will power. For example, this machine produces clothes; therefore we cannot expect it to produce food for us. Then there are flowers. We can change the colour and type of flowers but not change the flower into the human shape. The reason for this is because each thing has its own formula, which has been created with the attributes of God in precise measurement. The measures of lights of attributes of God are the formula of creation, which can not be change.

Man can benefit from the creation in the universe but cannot interfere in the formulas. Man is inter connected with the universe because of the Creator of the universe is the ego of God. It is this ego that flows in all of us. Man has been granted with will power, which is the ego of the Creator.”

I asked, “When man is interconnected with all creation in the universe, then he cannot hide his mind from others.”

The Ascended Master replied, “It’s not like that. Man is a superior being. Until man does not make the intention, no other being can invade his mind.

God has granted man with the knowledge of the law of nature. Mankind having this knowledge is able to see and benefit from this universe. When one goes against the law of nature, he is punished by this same law.” I thanked Ascended Master Sabir Pak with all my heart and then took my leave.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)