Vision 021 - Thought


At dawn, during meditation, I find myself floating in space with my spiritual guide. I can clearly see the sun, the moon and all the planets within our solar system. We then begin to move through space. As we pass each planet it feels like we are jumping over giant stepping-stones.

We then begin to ascend higher and higher in space. I stop at a considerable height as I can see twelve stars arranged in a circle. He tells me that these are the zodiac stars. We move towards the zodiac stars and then pass through their circle arrangement. When we come out of the circle, I can just see one incredible bright star. I know this as the star called Nuqta-e-Wahdani, which means ‘Point of The Universe’.

My spirit guide motions me to follow him through the Nuqta-e-Wahdani. I enter the intense bright light, which progressively narrows as we pass through. At the end of the light, we enter an extremely vast, open sky-like atmosphere. As we pass through, we can see a beautiful city with people in it. I eagerly move towards the city, curious about its inhabitants.

As soon as we enter the city, a man comes towards us. He introduces himself and offers to show us around this place, which is known as Lahoot. We thank him for his hospitality. He first brings our attention to the beautiful, soft, cool, light which is everywhere in Lahoot. He tells us that this light is very special as it contains the attributes of the Creator. The light feels pleasurable and I think how lucky the people of Lahoot are to be constantly bathed with this light.

As I look around, everyone I can see is blissfully happy. One person walks past me and says something. A beautiful goblet full of juice appears in his hand, which he then proceeds to drink. As soon as he finishes his drink, the goblet disappears. The same man then walks a little and a stunning house appears in front of him. As he enters the house I realise that whatever you wish for will automatically appear before you in this place.

I turn to this man and ask him what he does in Lahoot. He tells me that he transmits thought signals from Lahoot. I then notice rays of light are being intermittently beamed from his head. Some of these rays are short and some are long. He explains that whatever he sees in Lahoot, which he then thinks about, is then transmitted as a ray of light, which we could see emerging from his head. This special type of light is known as the light of Ego.  As I looked at the thought rays being transmitted into space from his head, I could see other rays of thought in space. When a ray of thought collides with another ray of thought, these result in movement.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)