Vision 018 - Heaven


During meditation I saw my spirit guide holding rods of blue light in his hands. Each rod of light had a star at one end and hollow at the other. As I looked closer at one of the rods of light, I could see a path within it. I turned to my spirit guide and eagerly asked him if we could explore this path.  He took my hand and we both entered the rod of blue light.

As soon as we entered in the light, we could see many rivers flowing. We crossed each river with a single stride. Each river crossed was wider than the previous and its flow was also swifter than the previous. In this manner we crossed, one thousand rivers.

Following the succession of rivers, we saw a series of magnificent gardens. Each garden was so incredibly stunning that its beauty could not be described in words. There were trees laden with ripening fruit and so many plants and flowers. The air was heavy with the heavenly scent of the gardens. I held my spirit guides hand feeling intense joy as we walked through the gardens.

After some time we approached what looked like a market place. Each market stall was placed within a grove of flowers. Each stall was made out of a unique coloured wood with an incredible shine. All the stalls contrasted beautifully with the flowers in the background.

One stall caught my eye and I excitedly pulled my spirit guides hand so that I could get a closer look. I saw many ornaments and jewellery on display. One in particular, a necklace stood out amongst the rest. This necklace was gold with emeralds surrounded by garnets. I thought it was stunning and kept admiring it.

My spirit guide sensed my desire and suggested that I take it. I looked around for a shopkeeper of some sort but could not find one. Disappointed, I turned to him and said, “There are no shopkeepers around. How can we buy this necklace?” He smiled and replied, “Have you not read in the Holy Books where God says everything in Heaven is for the people who reside in Heaven. Whatever they desire they shall have. The people of Heaven can pick any fruit they desire and have it the way they like”.

After explaining this he then turned to me and added, “At this moment you are in Heaven. Anything you desire and intend to be yours will be given to you automatically”.

Hearing his words, I was filled with immense joy at the thought of being in Heaven. My spirit guide had brought me to this wondrous place and I felt it wouldn’t be right for me to take the necklace. But he immediately read my mind and asked me if I liked the necklace. I nodded and he then pointed to the necklace. Instantly the necklace appeared in his hand along with matching earrings, bracelets and rings. I quickly put the exquisite jewellery on. As I admired the pretty jewellery I looked at my clothes and wished I could wear something more appropriate with the jewellery.

He then motioned me towards the next stall, which displayed clothes. There were exquisite garments arranged on the branches of trees. I admired the novel way the clothes were being exhibited. The clothes appeared to be growing like the surrounding plants and flowers. One dress was stunning and I thought it would complement the elegant jewellery I was wearing. In my mind I asked my spirit guide’s permission for the outfit.

He smiled and said, “Why don’t you take this dress it will suit you”. I looked at the dress and intended it to be mine. Then by magic, I found myself wearing the dress. But where were my previous clothes as they were not under my new ones. I then realised that every movement in Heaven is connected to a person’s intention. Whatever one wills or intends in Heaven, it will be automatically given.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)