Vision 017 - Illean


In mediation at dawn, my spirit guide appears in a red outfit. His red light transferred in me, and I saw myself in the same red outfit also. I imagined this garment was given to me.

I looked around to see where I was and found myself in the prayer room of Ascended Master Sabir Pak, sitting on his prayer carpet. I was wearing some jewellery and a veil given to me earlier in a past meditation.

Ascended Master Sabir Pak asked my spirit guide “is she ready now?”

“Yes. She is ready now.” Ascended Master Sabir Pak exclaimed again, “shell we open the curtain now?” My spirit guide answered, “Unquestionably, please do so.”

Suddenly I saw myself climbing lots of stairs in speed and on the end of the stairs I was lifted up higher and higher into the sky. After reaching a considerable height I stopped automatically, but when I looked around curiously, I realised it was the prayer room of Ascended Master Sabir Pak and I saw myself standing on his prayer carpet again.

My curiosity wanted to know more about this place, so I began to look around. It was a very big hall, in a circular shape. The walls had lots of windows all around, and each window was beside the other. Every window had a different colour curtain on it. Suddenly I remembered that I had been here before. I recognised this place named, “Illean”, where my soul had been given an outfit of Noor lights.

Remembering this I was delighted and this made me even more energetic to look around. A thought came into my mind; this zone was of God’s attributes. But all the windows were behind the curtains; therefore the Divine light couldn’t be seen.

At that moment Ascended Master Sabir Pak came forward, he stood near a window and touched a corner of the curtain. As soon as he touched the curtain, they all opened and the room lit up. I then realised the room was round and very large like the sky. The windows were also bigger than a door.

I looked around and at a glance, I could see inside all the windows. Each window was drowned in one coloured light. There was life in all of them. To look at these Divine Lights I realised, all the attributes of God and His great creative power, in them. I felt attracted to these lights, and with all of my heart I wanted to get closer to them.

Soon after I heard the voice of my soul in the depth of my heart, as she was so eager to know more about of these lights. My soul started to beg for her desires to be fulfilled. She said in a very deep tone, “O Lord, O Merciful, You are the most powerful of all. No one can ever reach to Your Divine power. Show me the creative power of your Divine attributes, so that I would be more grateful to You.”

After this prayer my soul was silent. I saw myself sitting in the centre of the room. For a moment it was in deep silence, and then the next moment, I saw from each door, in each colour, the magnificence of these Divine lights, coming towards me. One by one they came closer to me, and we had a conversation.

I realised they were the attributes of God, and because I was sitting on the prayer carpet of Ascended Master Sabir Pak, I was granted this by his favour. For a considerable time I absorbed the lights of these Divine attributes, then I felt a mercury light coming from the window of my room, of which I was present at that moment. The light was very bright and shinning on my face so I had to close my eyes tightly while in meditation. Then it disappeared after a long time. Soon afterwards I felt the energy within me.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)