Vision 016 - Pluto


During meditation I appear at the feet of my spiritual guide Ascended Master Sabir Kaliyan. I then begin to continually recite his name whilst touching his feet with my forehead. After some time I raise my head. The point where my forehead touched my spiritual guide’s feet began to glow with light. Somehow I knew that this light would remain within my forehead. If I continued reciting his name, this light would enter my entire face and then my body. With this thought I commence reciting his name with intense joy.

My thoughts then turned to a star, which had been previously placed in my hands by my spiritual master. I hear his voice telling me, ‘this star will always be in your hands feeding you with its light’.

Later that day, I saw six stars present themselves in my body. The light from these inner stars, shone so brightly that it was far and wide from my body. I thought of all these inner stars as my obedient servants, appointed to give me light. With this thought, I felt as if God had made mankind superior amongst all of His creations.

One star in my body was in the region of my naval. I looked down and focused on it. A being of light then appeared in front of me. I turned to the being and said, “I know you have been sent to me as you could not have come of your own accord”. The being of light was puzzled and asks how I knew this. I smiled and say, “My eyes have been watching you”.

The being of light laughs and answers, “You know all this just by looking at me then tell me who I am?”

I played along with his questioning and told him, “You are Pluto”. The being of light replied, “Yes you are right I am Pluto and I have come to give you my light”. I then asked, “What will your light do for me?”

Pluto eagerly replied, “Under the influence of my light, all your senses will improve. You will be able to see, hear and smell better”.

With this insight I agreed and said, “From this day, I appoint you at my service. You will continually beam your light into me from my naval region. I will also give you special instructions from time to time”.  Pluto agreed and then I gave him permission to leave.

Looking down at my naval, I saw that the star Pluto was lodged there and was beaming light into my entire body.       

In these visions, the star Pluto had been assigned to me and shines its properties.

Pluto emits light of a very specific frequency range, like a star. In my case, when I absorbed Pluto’s light, it increased all of my physical senses.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)