Vision 014 - Saintly Robe


It was at dawn during meditation that my spiritual guide appeared. He was wearing a robe, which is the dress of a Hindustani saint. The robe was rust coloured and it went down to his ankles. I could smell a delectable scent from my spirit guide’s body. The aroma was so pleasing that I spent some time taking in deep breaths of this beautiful fragrance. My body then started to emit the same sweet fragrance that came from his body. As I looked at myself, I could see that each pore of my body was fully opened and was emitting this wonderful aroma.

My entire body was the colour pink. I realised this was a cleansing process and that my body had been cleansed with this sweet perfume. I was intensely happy and turned to him who was also very pleased.

At this point Ascended Master Baba Aulia, who is another spiritual guide, appeared. He was also wearing a rust coloured robe. He informed me that our sweet aroma had reached him. I eagerly told him that the scent was a gift from my spirit guide.

Ascended Master Baba Aulia said that he had also brought a gift. As we were both wearing a rust coloured robe, I expected the garments to be similar. When I saw the robe it was made out of golden thread. I eagerly put the robe on. It felt soft and silky with a delicate touch of rose petals.

I wondered how Ascended Master Baba Aulia knew I loved the colour gold. He turned to me and remarked, “The robe is from Heaven and is made from the golden threads that you like - Is that correct?” At this point I felt deep admiration for him. Still curious I asked him why he was wearing the robe.

He laughed and said, “My dear Saida, are we not Saints of God?” I looked at his robe and could see the name of God woven into every cross stitch of this cloth. Seeing this I felt great respect for my Ascended Master and realised that God’s name was written billions of times on this cloth.

Ascended Master Baba Aulia then turned to my spirit guide and said, “You may now give Saida the power of healing using colours and light for there is much work for her to do”.

At this point Ascended Master Baba Aulia departed.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)