Vision 011 - Inspiration


During Muraqba, I saw my spirit guide present himself to me. He put a white sheet of light on me and it covered my whole body. When I looked inside, the sheet, it was like a sky and best described as a miracle.

I kept looking at it for some time, then my thought turned towards Ascended Master Sabir Pak, and I saw myself on his grave in Kaliar, India. I stood on the grave and was thinking to get in.

Immediately the grave opened like a door of a house, and I walked in. I met the Ascended Master there; he took me to the same room as I have seen before.

He informed me that this was his special room.

‘I pray in here’, he said
There was a wooden couch lying in the middle of this room, which was covered with the prayer carpet.

‘This is the carpet I sit on when I prayer. This room is my like my focus, like the house of God, where you see God’s Light everywhere.

‘You sit here and worship God’. I sat down on the prayer carpet and looked around. I saw that I am enclosed in a Jar, which is narrow on the bottom. Its top was a sky, and the prayer carpet was Earth. It was of the shape as if the jar was placed upside down. The rays of Light have been coming from beyond the sky and displayed inside as a magnificent light. I knew this is the display of God’s Light. My eyes were looking at this magnificent divine light that was touching my heart.

Explanation: Jar is the symbol of universe conscious. The magnificent is the perception of divine lights. Perception of conscious is creation. Creation comes in different from, such as in Noor, in light and in Nasma. Nasma is the form of matter and Etheric bodies.  

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)