Vision 010 - Honey the symbol of Healing


At the dawn during muraqba meditation I saw my spiritual guide, come closer to me, and his chakra’s lights filled my chakra’s. For a considerable time his lights transferred in my six chakras. Then all the points of chakras become illuminated like stars and their rays transferred into my forehead.

My head filled with these lights and I felt very bright in my brain, that reflection dazzled my eyes for a while. But the next moment I saw my spirit guide standing near me. Then he gave me a basket full of flowers, and said, I brought these flowers for you. I took the basket in my hand, which contains all kinds of flowers like roses, jasmine, violet and others.

Then I saw a stream of honey flowing from the bottom of every flower. I was astonished to see it. I said, to my spirit guide, look at the flowers, every one has got honey in it. He said these are the three hundred and sixty (360) flowers in the basket I gave it to you.

All the flowers are different in the colour and their taste of honey also. I answered cheerfully. Oh how wonderful you gave me exactly 360 flowers. In numerical order 360 become number 9, which is my lucky number also. He said, yes I know your lucky number is nine, taste the honey of every flower. He said to me take deep breath and inhale the perfume of the flowers and the smell of honey.

I took eleven deep breaths and felt I tasted and smelled all the flowers now. My spirit guide said in these eleven breaths you have been tasted and smelled 360 flowers. Their honey has got the healing power of all the illness and diseases. I am giving you the gift of healing.

My spirit guide then transferred his healing power into me; as it has been transferred to me from Ascended Master Baba Aulia.

Then I arrived to the palace of the Prophet Mohammed, who ordered me to come closer to Him. I stood very near in front of him. He holds my face on the sides with his both hands and lifted up a bit. Then he blew slowly on my forehead for quite a long time. A delightful ray of Noor light came out of his mouth and absorbed in my forehead. Afterward I asked his blessing for myself and for every body I know. He greeted me with his graceful blessing, and then my spirit guide and I turned back from his presence with his permission.

As soon as we came out from the Palace I said to my spirit guide I felt over powered of his dignity, that I was afraid to go near him. He said the Prophet Mohammed is the most generous merciful, he is so kind that he cannot harm even an ant. I said, “I know that and I believe it also, but still my whole body keeps shaking inside while I was there.”

My spirit guide said, every existing body is surrounded with the magnetic power, which influencing others. Human body has the most powerful magnetic field around his body; it’s like the high voltage of the electricity.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)