Vision 009 - The Fig Tree


During muraqba at dawn I saw a huge tree that was at the gateway of a palace. This palace belonged to Ascended Master Sabir Pak of India.

As I was standing underneath the tree, I noticed that on a thick branch I saw a white leather belt, hanging. There was a name written on it. I became curious as to whose name it was and so came closer to take a good clear look. It was me! I saw my own name, but why? What was the need for my name on this tree?

I then realised that this was a fig tree. It was the tree under which Ascended Master Sabir Pak stood for twelve years and worshipped God. Then it came to me and I understood that he knew me from then. I was overcome with joy and entered his palace.

The Ascended Master greeted me. I requested to kiss his feet as a sign of great respect.

He said, “You don’t need permission, just come when you feel like it. We love you very much.”

The whole atmosphere became pink. I knew that his love was in my heart and his light was being absorbed by me. I also felt great love and respect for the Ascended Master. I requested him to pray for everybody, kissed his feet and took my leave.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)