Vision 008 - Light Burst


In the meditation at dawn I saw, my spirit guide approaching towards me. His body was made of peach colour lights. He came near and held my arm tightly.

Doing this his lights started transferring into my body. A stream of his light burst into my thought and started to fill the stomach. My whole digestive system filled with these lights, and I felt like my belly was full as if I had eaten.

 Then immediately I felt great desire to see Ascended Master Sabir Pak, which I could not resist and asked permission to go to in India. My spirit guide looked at me and said, “You can go.”

Instantly I reached there in no time at all. I sat on the tomb of Ascended Master Sabir Pak near his feet and eagerly started kissing his grave. A few minutes after the tombs door opened and I heard his voice asking me to come inside.

As I stepped down the stairs, a hoor (paradise woman) was standing there. She said hello to me, and then added, “I am Ascended Master Sabir Pak’s guide he sent me to take you to him.”

Then she took me to the palace situated on the direction of the head side of the tomb. We walked on a beautiful road and soon I saw a palace made of mother of pearl. I had no words to describe the greatness and the beauty of what I saw.

 I entered the palace then the hoor took me in a very large hall, where Ascended Master Sabir Pak was sitting. I sat near his feet and told him how excited I was to see him.

I said, “Why did I feel burning when my stomach was full with lights?”

He said, “The lights of the stomach make the body senses move. Burning feelings means the lights have reached to the lowest end of the body, which is the skin.”

Then he said, “Look at me.”

When I did so, the rays of light started to flow in my eyes. My whole body filled with these lights and I felt peace and calmness.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)