Vision 007 - The Pool of Mercury - Part 2


During Muraqba at dawn I saw that I was swimming in a pool. I could see the surface full of particles of mercury. Becoming curious as to why these particles had collected here, I dived into the pool.

A lot of these particles clung to my body. I went to the surface and then dived back into the pool. Each time I dived, more particles would cling to me. I kept doing this until all the particles on the surface had clung to my body. These particles illuminated like mercury and I felt very strong.

I then lay down on the bottom of the pool and looked up; I saw a path. Instantly I found myself on this path. It was filled with colours that were moving. The particles on my body were shining like stars filled with different colours. I realised that this path was connected to the heart chakra (Latifa-kalbi).

This chakra is the centre of the emotions of the heart; each emotion was a different coloured light.

If the Heart Chakra is over loaded with these colours, then a person can become sensitive. With this over flow of colours in the heart chakra, there is a danger of heart failure or irregular heart functioning.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)