Vision 005 - Capacity of the mind


During the Muraqba of Noor (Light) Dome, I saw myself inside the dome and my spiritual guide along side with me.

Purple coloured light was coming from spiritual guides naval and was being absorbed into my body. These lights were extremely bright. My body began filling with the lights so much it began swelling like a balloon.

It grew to such a size that it filled the dome. My head was touching the tip of the dome while my hands and feet were touching the dome from all sides. Later on these lights were coming into me with such speed that I could not take the strain.

At this point a white sheet appeared from my right shoulder and spread itself over the lights. Afterwards I found it hard to concentrate on the Muraqba.

This white sheet was sent from my sub-conscious, to protect my conscious from the strain of these lights.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)