Vision 004 - Rivers of Light


During Muraqba at dawn I saw myself flying upwards into the sky with my spiritual guide. After crossing a curtain of divine light, we approached Arsh. Arsh is the name of a zone in heaven.

The surface of this zone is known as Kursi and the sky of this zone is round like an umbrella and red in colour. This sky was covered with millions of different coloured stars. From Arsh flowed four rivers of divine light. These rivers were called Tasweed, Tajreed, Tasheed and Tasheer.

 I was aware of this information because it flowed from spirit guide’s mind into my mine. Everything became clear this way.

These four rivers of light surrounded the universe like circles. From which the universe was fed with their light and energy. Apparently these four rivers were perception. All of existence in the universe was distributed perception from these rivers of light. Perception was time. I realized that a split second or even a long period of time was both part of perception.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)