Vision 003 - Light dome meditation


As I was performing Muraqba I saw that I was enclosed in a dome of Noor (Spiritual Light). I saw myself standing absolutely alone and began to panic. I wondered how I came here and how I would get out. I asked myself how I could live here because there was Noor everywhere and so began to wonder around looking, searching for a way out.

Suddenly I my Spiritual Guide was by my side. Jumping with joy I felt more at ease because, now I had a companion. I looked around and saw other people too. As I looked deeper I noticed that more people surrounded me. I saw the whole universe and was astonished to find that it was enclosed within the dome.

Then, along with the other creatures of the universe I saw myself orbiting within this Dome. With each orbit my vision expanded and my consciousness developed, more and more. At this point I knew what I was experiencing was the different stages of creation. It felt as if it all happened within the proximity of a few moments.

In the beginning I became aware of my own existence. Then the panic of loneliness set in. A companion emerged within this loneliness, and then more companions arrived to keep them company. I could see the orbiting of the universe and all of creation inside of the dome. This movement made travelling to and from different places easy and also communicating with others possible.

Having had all these experiences I realised that the power that organised this precise plan must have great wisdom. It was clear to me that none of these companions in the dome could hold such great power or wisdom. So there must be someone else with this power that created us all and designed the universe to orbit with such great skill.

Curiosity arose inside of me to find out whom and where the Creator was. Because I saw the stage by stage beginning of creation, I knew that it could not be any one among this creation.

I was certain that there was a great being in charge of all of this that I had witnessed with my own eyes.

The yearning compelled me to continue orbiting the dome. Surely there must be a door that would lead to this Magnificent Being. As I searched I looked up and instantly a window appeared in the centre of the dome. This window opened and a river of Noor (Light) started to flow towards me. I looked into this Light and felt the presence of my Creator, God. At once I recognised that this was the Divine power behind all of this creation. It was the command of this Divine being that willed, with wisdom and precision, the creation of the universe with His own light.

It made me realise that all creations co-exist in the universe benefiting from and relying on each other. The seed of curiosity, to find our Creator, is within all of us.  

The Divine Creator has made it possible for us to find Him, if we search only search for Him.

His compassion and mercy is within the reach of all of us. With all these feelings I realised that the wisdom on top of the dome had opened for me. I shouted with joy you are my Lord God, you are my Lord God, you are my Lord God.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)