Vision 002 - The Command ‘Be’


It was during Muraqba that I arrived in the sky with my spiritual guide, that we reached the Throne (Arsh) of the Creator. It was a most beautiful pink colour spreading as far as the eye could see that I realised that this colour was Allah’s Merciful Light.

While standing here I could see into infinity that I saw the circle of Allah’s command Kun, (Be).

Kun (Be)

There were lots and lots of different coloured circles of Purified and intense light around the circle of Kun. The Light was spreading into infinity and in the zone of this infinity, the particles were absorbing these intense lights.

They were being absorbed and filled with light. When it was full to capacity, then I saw that rays of light came from the circles and came in contact with the particles. The particles then realised the light which were filled.

All these particles were filled with the colours of the circles. As they realised these colours they produced many different combinations of which I could hear the sound of the command Kun. It was a signal like continuous tapping of Kun, Kun, Kun, Kun, and Kun… At each sound of Kun, there was created a new combination of Noor (Light).
This was the Law of Creation.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)