Vision 001 - The Devotion of the Learning Spirit


I still remember the first night I slept in England. I had never been separated with my close relatives before, they are my mother, father, sisters and brother whom I loved dearly.

This was my first night in England. I did not know why I had been brought here. My husband used to work late at night those days so he was at work that night. I was with my little girl who was nearly three years of age at the time.

Just before going to bed I said to God in my prayers, “Oh Lord of the mighty throne, you have the full knowledge of the secrets of hearts and you are the greatest of all. I do not know the purpose of being in this country as I never wanted to separate from my family. If it was not my will to come here, then it is your will indeed that brought me here. I accept your will and I am here now. I do not know in what purpose you brought me here but I wish if you kindly show your Mercy and Dignity on me and teach me the knowledge of your Hidden Divine powers and the knowledge of Spirit.”

At that moment I had a feeling my prayer will be answered and it did so. I put my devotion to gain the spiritual knowledge. I thanked God that He sent me here so I could get all the free time I needed to fulfill my ambition.

Since my childhood my father made me read the Holy Books to make my life fruitful. He used to say that, the universe was a created being. So is The Almighty and keeps the knowledge of every minute details of the universe. He used to say, “My dear daughter, the Holy Book  is the complete instructions book for the creation of the universe. So how can you follow the instructions unless you know them?”

His advice gave me intuition to learn the knowledge of the Divine powers and what was hidden behind the words. This decision activated my learning spirit to act in its full speed. I became so addicted to reading that I spent all my time to read and put all my intention to understand the real meaning which was contained in this Holy Book.

I started to see the real dreams and the wisdom to understand my inner quest better. Meanwhile I was granted the gift of three lovely sons born in the years 1963, 1964, and 1965. This made me very busy and my hands were full but my first priority was always the same. I still got time to read and worship God. I always felt a fountain of love inside of me and I showed it to my husband and to my children who needed me.

(Adapted from the teachings of Ascended Master Saida Khatoon)