SoS104 - The Misty Scent in my path


The Misty Scent in my path

I see a mist flowing over my path but surprisingly it has a sweet scent; I inhale more this scent and I absorb as much in my lungs as possible

I see myself being drawn to this mist which is like a fog in appearance but with a beautiful smell

I see myself walking down the path and watch the mist float upwards until I can see down where I am going

I see in the distance a shining light but only just visible; I thought to myself it must be quite far but at an instant I am standing in front of this light; I look around, behind and side to side wondering how I got here all of a sudden

I see that it is not a light at all but a flower with so much brightness that it emits light but not light. Something which is beyond words, but it is simply vibrant

I see the flower is about 3 metres across and as tall as me, perhaps a little bit higher; The flower has so many petals as though it was multilayered and different colours too; There were all colours visible and each petal within the colour was glittery; Then I realised that it was this glittery look at I saw from the distance and it shines so brightly

I see in wonder what a beautiful bloom it is; never have I seen such a flower with so many colours; I begin to touch the petals going across and to my left to right, just gently touching; It felt like a normal flower, like a rose texture but this was no rose

I see myself breathing in and yet there was no scent but there was a mist, smokiness coming from the centre of the flower; I breathed this scent and realised it was the same scent I had encountered when I started my journey

I see the petals has no scent but it gave of a scent into the air

I see that I am confused and wondered what the significant is of the flower and I sat down next to the flower, and in my silence and peace

I see that the mist floats over me and begins to descend until I am completely submerged in this beautiful scent; I cannot see out but only a foggy sight I am able to see

I see that the scent is overcoming me and I feel sleepy and I lie down

I see that I have finished and my journey too.

The sight of Soul by Shazi