SoS103 - The Stones and Pebbles


The Stones and Pebbles around me change into Butterflies

I see a tunnel in front of me and it is a spiralling clockwise; there is a path that leads straight it

I see the spiralling tunnel of bluish origin and it sparkling or it could be sparks of light; I was not close enough to see

I see myself deciding to go through this tunnel and find out what could be beyond the path; My super consciousness was telling me it is a portal and will definitely lead to somewhere

I see myself walking through and at the same time closing one eye, in anticipation and a little fear what might happen

I see myself changing colour but there is no pain or feeling; in the beginning it startles me but once I got used to it, I watched in eagerness

I see myself turning to light and speeding inside the tunnel, the direction I had no idea but I was going extremely fast; I was aware what was going on but could not see my body and felt it was only my consciousness that was travelling

I see myself slowing down and coming to an end of the tunnel and all the spirals had disappeared too

I see I am standing in a ground but there is nothing but barren wasteland; it is sandy in colour and there are stones too, small ones; The surface is hard and dry and I look back the portal was still there behind me

I see myself wondering if I should go back but I felt inside their must be a reason why I am here in the first place; I decide to walk along the dry land, I could feel the sun shining but it was not burning me at all; I wondered and my mind questioned repeatedly, the purpose and reason of being here

I see myself looking around to scout anything but there was nothing but emptiness; so I decide to start looking on the ground and see what is around me

I see many stones and pebbles like the ones on the beachside, until I bend down to pick one and immediately it turns into a butterfly and the next thing I notice the surrounding stones do too

I see all of a sudden that a chain reaction had been started, one by one like dominoes falling down; all the stones were turning into butterfly; They were all of different colours and I was soon seeing thousands of them

I see that I am mesmerised by the thousands and thousands of butterflies that began to circle around the sky like a flock of birds

I see myself still watching in amazement until the scenes begin to change

I see that I have finished and my journey too.

The sight of Soul by Shazi