SoS102 - The Stream leading to bird eyes


The Stream leading to bird eyes of green shining light

I see a river, no it is a stream flowing freely and I am standing by the side; as I focus on the flow

I see small fishes swimming in the stream; they are brightly coloured and some in orange too

I see myself sitting down with my feet just touching the water; immediately I realise Jesus is sitting besides me; We embrace and he too is wading his feet in the stream

I see him say;

“Everything has a purpose and foundation building up too something. This is not true for everyone but for those who follow a spiritual and path of enlightenment.

These words are for your understanding so that you may be aware and be assured that we KNOW what is around you, behind and in front; so be patient and everything will break open as ordained and at the right time.

Now go and follow this stream as it is your path”

I see myself getting up and Jesus smiles as I get off the bank and walk along the stream; The water is cool and some places; I feel refreshed and healed as I walk down the stream as though my life has disappeared around me, such was the peacefulness in my thoughts

I see myself walking for miles and miles yet I felt the same harmony in me; watching the fish swimming besides me sometimes some of the distance

I see the stream coming to an end, and realise it is a waterfall; the stream was heading down the valley and continuing down another flow and course; I stop at the edge wondering what to do, to jump down the waterfall

I see myself as being calm and not afraid as I could swim; so decide to jump down

I see myself completely submerged and the water falling down round me; it was not a deep waterfall but deep enough though

I see myself swimming to the surface but realise a green light in the water; I soon stop yet still underwater I stare at the light; It was bright but I could not focus as the running water around me was making everything blurry

I see myself swimming up to the surface yet I am stopped my a voice saying to breathe; the words repeated again several times, yet I was still underwater

I see myself running out of breath and make the decision to swim upwards but again a voice but louder one saying, ‘breathe underwater; I heard this very clearly and decide to breathe and immediately the water was calm and I could breathe

I see myself underwater swimming in calm and serene water which was clear; it was like breathing in air and I was not worried at all; Then I realise the light was shining brightly but it looked deeper then before, but I could be wrong

I see myself composed and calm; and decide to swim down heading for this glowing green light which was more like a pulse of light; As I swim I soon realise it is quite a task and need all my strength to swim deeper and deeper; I struggle to get my stroke and some sort of rhythm yet manage finally to reach the source of the light

I see myself being wrong it was not a light but a door that was flickering and emitting this green light; It was silvery green and shiny too, like glass but cloudy too. I push the door to realise it to be shut

I see myself pushing several times and being disappointed and wondering what could be behind this weird green shiny door

I see myself looking at the door carefully looking for a knob or anything that would open it; I could make out a spiral and then several green gems embedded into the door in a pattern that was repeated throughout the door

I see a spiral and two green gems in a repeated pattern; I continued to look at the pattern but could not work out any meaning; but decide to touch the gems in front of me

I see the door disappearing and the water too

I see myself standing in a green grassy region and as I focused more realise I was in a field of green grass; somehow I was in this field not knowing how I got there

I see myself being a region where there was nothing but green flowing grass and a bright sky and sun shining down on me

I see myself wondering and looking around and walking in no real direction; yet felt complete harmony within

I see myself hearing my super consciousness saying this region was for you to calm and be at peace the energies flowing through the body

I see myself lying down and being completely absorbed and lost in my surrounding, it was like being in a trance yet I have been in one in real life

I see myself staying like that for a while as the grass kept me in a shade as I lay down there several hours

I see myself coming out of my trance to the sound of a bird singing

I sit up to see it flying towards me and settling down just a few feet away. It was as small as a nightingale but with green and a hint of orange wings; It really stood out; It sat there staring at me moving its face side to side; until I noticed its eyes which were a green and shiny colour

I see myself realising that the shiny green light I saw was the eyes of this bird and yes it was pulsating as I had seen underwater

I see myself beckoning it forward hoping it would hop towards me, yet it stood there staring at me

I see immediately flying in my direction and my face; I was too late to react and it vanished as soon as it hit my head; My head felt heavy and I could my head having green light

I see myself shaking and being worried

I see the scenes vanish and be coming out onto the stream strolling along to the start; I wondered what it all meant

I see that I have finished and my journey too.

The sight of Soul by Shazi