SoS101 - The Lightning strikes


The Lightning strikes from the Crystal Mountain

I see a sky that is blue with lightning striking across; but they are of different colours; I stop to look in detail of all the colours striking the sky, it reminded me of fireworks but these were single coloured

I see myself counting the different colours and they were all the colours of the rainbow and some colours I had not seen before; A different colour that I cannot describe

I see Jesus coming towards me with a smile and I immediately give my greeting and we embrace too

I see him say, ‘follow the source of the lightning, now go’

I see myself looking up to look for the direction to go too but realise that they are coming from different locations; I was puzzled for a while but realise quickly a decision must be made

I see myself heading for the direction of the red lightning, the colour of my football team colours, a bit biased

I see the colour flash at the same place regularly so I was pleased that I could head in a direction after all

I see myself heading quickly and my eyes glued to the sky making sure that I was not going of course

I see myself travelling quite a distance yet my legs were not even tired or me getting impatient too

I see at once a red small mountain, well I think it is; I head for this mountain after a short while I realise it is made of pure glass or crystal

I see myself walking closer to this mountain and watch a lightning go off into the sky and travel quite a distance before it faded away

I see myself hesitantly touch this mountain, in my mind I did not want to get electrocuted; It was hard as rock and smooth too yet completely red; it was a crystal after all and I could see the other side after looking through it; It was my height and pointed like a mountain

I see myself walking around and feeling the smoothness of the crystal and its coolness too; I wondered in my mind what it could all mean and my mind began searching for an answer; soon my thoughts were cluttered with many answers, well some sort of explanations

I see myself standing by this crystal mountain for a while still puzzled and hoping something would happen, but nothing did; I felt inside that this was a mistake and there may be another source after all, yet after a short regular while lightning were indeed shooting into the sky

I see myself being disappointed and confused but decide to keep walking hoping something would eventually appear in another place

I see myself being happy with my decision and the disappointment was replaced with optimism

I see in the distance a red path and head for it with speed, feeling that I have lost time

I see after a short while I am on this path

I see in the distance a small red mountain, I thought it looked exactly the same, yet I was not close enough to see clearly; After a while I reach this mountain to find it is exactly the same crystal red shape and the same height; I was confused but quickly realise that this is indeed the source

I see myself being happy as my WILL had indeed found this mountain again and it is indeed the source as before; I decide to sit down crossed legged and in silence

I see myself deciding it meant sitting for hours so be it; I was given clear instructions to find the source so it must be something I should get or even a simple thought, I was so determined

I see myself sitting and admiring the crystal and keeping my thoughts away from any explanations or judgements; After a short while I could see a red glow in the centre, it began to grow in size slowly

I see my eyes being fixed at this amazing sight growing all the time; After several minutes the whole mountain was glowing and there was no lightning strike at all; This glowing stayed for a while until

I see the whole mountain open up like a door and move to completely surround me; I realise that I was inside this mountain and I could see many lightning strikes inside the mountain

I see after a while I could see video images all around me, they were flashing for a short while then the scenes would change; Most of them had me in them and some were scenes

I see myself focusing on one of them only to see it change to another scene

I see myself still looking around and witnessing thousands of images and scenes flash all around me; then suddenly they all stop

I see myself still looking around and in the centre a ball of red light was floating just ahead of me; I felt it was the source, in fact was sure it was

I see myself raising my arm to grab this ball of light, which was the size of a tennis ball; as soon as I grab it my hand began to glow red then my arm; slowly the same side of my body began to glow and eventually I was completely red and glowing like the ball I had witnessed

I see myself being completely calm and sat still and let everything happen; Then after all a short while the colours changed to blue, then green and eventually all the colours I had seen before in the lightning sky before I started the journey

I see myself glowing in different colours and soon realise I was INDEED the SOURCE

I see the scenes and vision disappear

I see that I have finished and my journey too.

The sight of Soul by Shazi