SoS100 - The finger printed bark of my Trees


The finger printed bark of my Trees and the dance of love by a Peacock and Peahen

I see a waterfall it is about my height and Jesus is beside it, touching the water with his right hand

I see him come over and embrace me and tell me to join him

I see us both touching the water and enjoying the coolness and the tingles we were both getting; Yes it was cold, but fun too

I see him say, now go into and through the waterfall; There is a path behind this

I see myself walking through and getting completely drenched; I even rushed through as my body was shivering at the instant the water touched me

I see myself coming through a green area; as I wiped my eyes

I see it is a forest and I notice a campfire; I instantly go towards it and warm myself up

I see my body being healed by the heat as well us being dried up; I notice that my clothes were changing colour to white; I find that I am completely head to toe in a white garment or robe type; It feels smooth like silk but not silk

I see myself concentrating at my new surroundings and seeing what is around me

I see that I am surrounded by trees that are identical; They are exactly the same, even bark and branches are exactly the same position; It was like looking into a mirror behind another mirror and facing each other and seeing the same tree over and over again

I see myself walking in between the trees and again seeing the exact same tree

I see myself stopping and looking at the tree and notice the bark is a wavy pattern and it reminded me of my fingerprint; as I look at my fingerprint and compare it too the bark, I realise they were exactly the same

I see myself being bewildered and confused and my thoughts become blank

I see myself being interrupted by a cry of a bird and the sound was repeated

I see myself walking in the direction of this cry and cooing sound; I realise that it is not near, so I walk a little faster; After a while I come into an area which is cleared from the trees

I see myself looking into an area where there is a peacock and a peahen; They are dancing together and both fluttering there wings

I see them raise there heads and then lower them but in complete harmony and synchronisation; I smile and they are completely unaware that I am there

I see them come closer several times to touch each others wings then to move away and twirl around and stamp there feet

Then…I see on the ground several jewels; there was a necklace of green stones and a single red and larger stone at the end

I see them continuing to dance beside the necklace, but I feel they are totally unaware

I see next to the necklace a small rod, it reminded me of a larger pencil as it was the shame shape, but filled with coloured stones

I see myself being interrupted by the cry of both of the birds as they stop and stare into their eyes and for a second they touch their beaks like a kiss

I see them lower their heads like a bow and touch wings too
I see them fly up and away

I see myself going towards the jewellery and go down to pick them up, BUT they instantly disappear

I see myself feeling that they have come inside of me; I begin to panic as I could feel the rod and the necklace moving around my body; I lift my shirt to see the necklace moving around

I see that there is no pain and I feel more relaxed and calm my thoughts, knowing that there must be a reason besides this odd happening

I see both the pencil like jewel and necklace settle close to my heart and then instantly disappear; I could not feel anything but heaviness in my heart; I knew that moment that they were symbols or a message or even an energy that had settled in my heart

I see myself relaxing and being at ease; as I had these experiences before and will know sooner or even later what they will mean

I see a peacock feather fall down and onto my hand

I see the images and the scenes around me fading away, yet the cry of the peacock still in my ears

I see that I have finished and my journey too.

The sight of Soul by Shazi