SoS099 - The Essence and knowledge


The Essence and knowledge given by Nature OPENS within ME

I see that I am surrounded by purple flowers and as I concentrate further realise they are lavender; I can smell there scent but it is different then the experience we have here

I see Jesus coming through the field and I smile and wave as he comes closer

I see him grab my head with both hands and kiss my forehead and say;

 ‘What you do from here is your path; others can only speculate and advise. But many do not the possess the filter that is TRUE to YOU; Whatever decision you make is blessed by me and we acknowledge and hold dear to you that are precious

Mankind must realise and be reminded that your lives and happenings are changing all the time as your own thoughts change too; With conviction and dedication to whatever cause and progress in their own ventures will see a change

If a person goes back to an event, or happening there is no shame or right or wrong; as the days go by and the events of last year are completely different

In a year people change and thoughts and events change too; a person will be insightful to a problem or a thought he has held for a long time

Realise that all of YOU are different to a year ago, WHEN you have all followed a path of enlightenment and personal development or even a field of interest

Mankind’s brain waves increase when a focus is held long enough; The birth of a thought commences into a group of images that becomes like a scattered thought; BUT if held further they become ordered and come into arrangement according to the thought holder;
Over a period of time and a continuous holding of the thought images replace into words; this is dependent upon the holder and preferred communication method

This happens in milliseconds or even minutes, again dependent upon the thought holder

Now look into these lavender fields and walk through them and feel, know and wake up to the messages they give YOU and even the thoughts that race through your mind’

I see Jesus embrace me and a path opens up before me. He smiles and waits for me to start my journey through the fields

I see him disappear and I start walking through the fields. I decide to touch the flowering plants which were as tall as me; The scent they gave off was more sweet and floral at the same time, but pleasant

I see pull a flower from one of the plants and I could feel its emotions and then the plant began to give images in my mind

I see a Lake and I am standing by the shore looking happy and I am wearing a lavender necklace and can still feel its fragrance; The waves and breeze is gentle but noticeable, causing my hair to flick up when the waves hit the shore

I can feel the waves and KNOW it is smiling at ME and happy that I am present; I hear a voice, but it is more like a chorus of a song being repeated; I cannot make out the words but feel it is like me being tuned to hear the waves.

As the chorus keeps repeating my ears become clearer to the words and soon I begin to here the words, they say

‘Open the heart to your wisdom and my wisdom.
Open your heart to my wave and consciousness

Open your mind, consciousness and subconsciousness and connect

Open YOURSELF to your own treasure and SEE’

I hear these words being repeated over and over again and notice that the ocean is all purple and lights begin to fly out from the water

I see myself looking at the flower again and the vision disappears and the lavender KNOWS what I saw

I see myself being surprised by the vision given to me by the lavender flower and realise that all nature is that way; My subconsciousness begins to give me a rush of thoughts and a message

I see myself focusing on these thoughts and they say;

‘You can communicate as you please to whatever flower you wish to communicate with or even a plant.

For they hold vital clues to your progress and even memory. They KNOW what you seek and they wish to help you in your ventures on your spiritual path.

They wish to expand your vision and insightfulness so LET THEM’

I see myself snapping out of this thought and realise immediately that I need to start another chapter and writings on NATURE

I see it clearly WITHIN myself and yet still continue with communicating with Jesus

I see that the fields begin to disappear and I am alone on my path BUT smiling

I see Jesus appear again and say

‘What you SEE in your messages they are again coded so that they resonate to YOUR own Being~ness.

The words when you channell are a personal AWAKENING; so listen well and BE patient’

I see him smile and kiss my cheek

I see everything disappear again

I see that I have finished and my journey too.

The sight of Soul by Shazi