SoS098 - The White Rose


The White Rose surrounded by a sea of Purple light

I see that I am surrounded in purple light; and it is everywhere my eyes can see

I see Jesus with me and we embrace and say, to stay in the purple light and then depart

I see that my path is also purple as I walk ahead; and it is all one colour and shade

I see myself thinking I need some shades to combat the purple intensity of light

I see that I am slowing down and walking much slowly, as I am distract by this light

I see the path is very long ahead and there is nothing in sight

I see a white light ahead projecting upwards like a beam of light; I am excited to see the light and viewing something completely different then purple; But as soon as concentrate what the light is, it soon disappears

I see myself reflecting and thinking where the light had come from, so I head in the direction of the place of the light; After a short while I come closely where the light was being projected and find a flower

I see the flower is the size of my hand and it is a Rose, a white coloured one; amongst the purple it really stood; I pick it up and

I see the rose is very fluid and even though it is maintaining its shape, it does not spill away

I see myself looking deeply into the rose and seeing a river flowing inside one of the petals, which surprises me; then I realise that I was looking at the cell structure of the petal

I see myself looking at the life force of the rose and not the river I thought earlier

I see the life force was nourishing the flower and all of the petals too; I then begin to see different colours in this life force

I see the rose become bigger and bigger and becomes to heavy to hold

I see myself putting the rose on the floor and watching it grow in size rapidly

I see it grow from a rose to a tree and maybe about ten feet tall

I see it sprout roses in all of the branches and the trunk becomes thicker and wider

I see it stop growing and the tree is filled with white roses, how beautiful it looks. I thought to myself, ‘a tree surrounded by purple light, what a sight’

I see myself wondering what this might mean and immediately behind the tree Jesus appears and says;

“Be true in what you do and what you say, the world needs honesty and true spirit; This tree is YOU the roses are YOU. The beauty in what you see, others will too see.

Many will come and sit beside YOU thinking other truths that serve no one; in these moments be steadfast and strong and not to give into their words.

You are this rose and the beacon for YOUR family; and others too; BUT to show them the way to themselves.

TELL THEM and be firm that you all have to connect WITHIN and SEE and KNOW. When their own sight awakens, they will begin to understand and begin to see with a different pair of eyes.

The sight of a beholder must be true and be filled with LOVE, so that he may not succumb to judgement and corruption of himself.

I remind you these words so that others will be reminded too”.

I see Jesus smile and take a rose of the tree and put it on my shirt; he embraces me and departs

I see that I have finished and all the purple~ness soon fades away

The sight of Soul by Shazi