SoS097 - My Subconscious memory Stored in a Pool of Light


My Subconscious memory Stored in a Pool of Light

I see a window; it is huge and takes up all of my sight; It is more like a wall or a transparent veil; not sure; As I concentrate and touch this window, it is liquidy and I can put my hand through it

I see my hand is tingling as though something has a hold of it; I hear Jesus’ voice calling out to come through; I am hesitant but I trust him and I go through

I see my whole body go tingly and a shiver goes through the body for an instant; once through the sensation disappears and I am facing Jesus; He embraces me and says;

“That was a dimensional veil separating your consciousness from this consciousness; you can even say a higher realm; I gave you permission as I wish you to experience something completely different so go along this path and see what unfolds”

I see myself walking along the path and everywhere I go there are birds flying around; They are going at such a speed that I cannot make out what they are, but of all sizes from large to tiny ones too; It is more like a forest preserve with so many varieties of birds and now as I walk further a forest too appears

I see it is no ordinary forest as everything I see is light, but the light is meld and formed into trees; In fact they emit light too, like an aura; The trees are so magnificently formed of light, the trunks are multicoloured and the leaves are green

I see all the trees are mostly the same as I get closer and into the forest

I see that the path too is multicoloured and light too; and as I look around the whole place is nothing but light; There are so many lights everywhere that I can almost bear the intensity

I see a well overflowing with light like water overflows over or spill out; again it is multicoloured light; I am drawn to the pool of light and hear voices

I hear a voice call out my name I think, as it is so faint; As I get closer the pool of overflowing water has discs of names coming out and flowing onto the path and then disappearing

I see that the names are allsorts of every nationality and faith; as I focus

I see and focus on the names, they read from, Joshua, Reuben, Mary, Sajid, Tony and so on and on. There were many and all flowing out from this well

I see myself go closer and look into the well and I see my name in the middle and those names were flowing out from mine

I see myself stepping back with bewilderment and even say, that is not possible; so I go over again to have another look; I realise that my name is being echoed all around the well in a very soft and loving tone

I see from my name is another well that flows out into an outer bigger well

I see myself looking at the centre were my name is and see that my name is a source of light; this light source was emitting the discs of names into the well of light

I see myself step back and look around the forest filled with light trees all way above my head

I see at a distance away a man sitting down on a trunk overlooking an area of forest; I go over and say hello

I see him turn around and I see an old man and he resembles me but older; I hear his voice and it is like an echo and yet with immense love

I see him say,
“This is your illusion, your consciousness and wisdom that you see, it is all part of YOU; in fact this is all YOU

Every light and tree and names are all the people YOU have met in your lifetime, they are all present in the well that you have seen; Because you are the source they come from your memory; Nothing is ever forgotten but stored in this consciousness;

If you like it can be called memory bank as it is similar; Your perception and understanding make the scenes and images of this vision; so that you best understand and reflect in what you see

Your consciousness flows and is not stagnant as you practice in mind and in life too; as you replenish your energy and vitality

What you see will be remembered in your pool of consciousness”

I see him embrace me then go towards the light tree and melded inside of it; as though the man was part of the tree; I stood there for a while trying to understand how the process happened, but realised that many things are best not understood, but better to understand the message

I see myself being sleepy and tired

I see that the scenes around me slowly fading away

I see that I have finished and journey too

The Sight of the Soul by Shazi