SoS096 - Love



I see a path and Jesus is waiting embracing me immediately; he says,

“‘Words often cannot describe emotions to their fullest and the heart that loves another; But insight into each other when energies are felt and expressed is the only way to feel this connection

At subconscious and even super conscious levels of perception the connection is void of any emotions that are corrupt; There is only LOVE and when this love is shared and expressed it is never corrupt by needless thoughts of others, actions or even misconceptions

As LOVE is pure and the essence is also pure too; there is no other energy to mislead or even take away this energy

When a person has a control and has refined his direction on his life and spiritual life, he lives by his principles; Even the action he/she takes is dependent on his values and principles, so he/she sees life according to this

A person must also remember is the UNKNOWN element in his life and that is the hidden life that he or she is totally unaware; WE can say that part of life that has not transpired AND his direction that he or she wishes to partake in his personal growth and spiritual

A person must not hold tight to everything but to open oneself to the hidden potential or happenings in his life; For his or her mind is open to these happening and thoughts and ideas may be updated or even renewed

Everyone in a person’s life makes a decision to find oneself and ones own hidden secrets

A time has become that this is COMMON knowledge; as the Creator has made all that is UNKNOWN be contained WITHIN

We have said this in many words and even visuals art, pictures and even in your dreams

There is no secret anymore but that you may seek out what is given to YOU all; The vows and promises and even the soul contracts you have chosen have pertained the actions of finding the ONE~SELF within you all

These experiences that have taken many times have been your own desires to KNOW and AQUAINT to your soul and spirit; This unknowing~ness has become knowing within you

That which was GONE as you have perceived NEVER was gone but only hidden away UNTIL you all choose to SEE IT and become KNOWN

There are no riddles but only fact that you have all chosen to WAKE UP during this time to SEE and KNOW your SELF

Now every new action and the old paradigm structures are slowly falling around you and many new structures and policies are been drawn out

Old ways will be replaced with INTERNAL VALUES held together with LOVE; For LOVE binds and expands into a greater wisdom and INSIGHT

New relationships will spring forth as a result to replace the old stagnant ones

Seeing inside a person’s heart is gift to some and many to find. For only a person who has been carefully experienced with great sacrifice to himself and to others can make bigger strides to learn

BUT even these words can be tossed aside as YOU stand up and be counted; so say with in YOU, that you wish to experience and connect to your soul and higherself

Why settle for anything less then perfection WITHIN and YES you are perfect in all ways, yet you doubt that you are NOT

So be KIND and have VALUES that earn respect to yourself and OTHERS

There is no blame but only love I share in these words, so harm not your inner but learn from all conversations and happening; Then be counted and BE the leader you are and others will follow suit as an example of you”

I see hold a glass of water and pass it to me and I drink it, but half and pass it back to let Jesus drink it too; He smiles and nods with approval; he says,

“I see only love in YOU and many will see that too, so be proud of what you have achieved and about to achieve too

Be in the KNOWING at all times and practice patience WITHIN and OUTER~SELF

LOVE is all LOVE and knows nothing else; it has never been polluted in its TRUEST form”

I see Jesus stand up and embrace me again

I see that the scenes around me slowly fading away

I see that I have finished and journey too.

The Sight of the Soul by Shazi