SoS095 - The Knowledge kept in a TWIG


The Knowledge kept in a TWIG embedded with blue diamond clusters

I see Jesus sitting on a rock overlooking a valley that descends down and over a massive forest and trees; The forest then rises up again a steep embankment to the other side, but much lower then we are

I see Jesus getting up and embracing me, he says; “You may wonder that the mind has not progressed into fields of study of the SELF and other science based investigation, except a minority; You are right in this thought;
When Man begins to put theory into practice then he will SEE and connect with his higher self in all fields; YES, some have started and have made many break through in certain fields, but sadly there are not many who can appreciate the work and expand this frequency onto others”

I see myself sitting down next to Jesus and he continues; “ This year an opening of new energies will give rise to new actions and many circumstances to help mankind SEE, KNOW and put into actions what the SELF needs to connect to its super consciousness; Only then HE or SHE will understand and put effect into ONES own personal and spiritual path of further insights and KNOWING”

I see Jesus who pauses to over look the valley again and smile; I too smile and witness the beauty of nature in the trees and plants

I see Jesus say; “ when YOU begin to SEE things in different and OPEN perspectives in the sight of others AND in your SELF; meaning to OVER SEE what is UNKNOWN and KNOWN and use your own higherself in everyday actions then YOU will begin to SEE; This sight is much different then ones own as it brings a knowing that transcends basic conceptions; Not only this but to overlook the mundane tasks and put them all into one meaning experience that man may see and know about himself

I see him continue, “There are many witnesses to this and some have made many breakthroughs as well to conquer themselves and their views, opinions and judgements to find their hidden secret WITHIN; far too many are seeking OUTSIDE themselves when everything has already been KEPT within the cells and organs of the body; Whatever is required for a mans journey and HIS consciousness to expand is kept WITHIN; But if we make this connection then we will begin to understand and KNOW what is required of then SELF

I see Jesus stand up and give me a twig and then depart with a smile; The twig was the size of my hand but there were still buds growing on three to the right and two to the left of the twig

I see the three buds have small, tiny flowers that were white and having a pinkish centre; the two on the left had buds of flowers that were yellow and with a orange centre; then

I see a tiny pen like image imbedded into the twig, it is about two inches long and wooden colour; I begin to turn the twig over to see a cluster of blue diamonds in a circle; They were really tiny and was on the stem of the twig. There were three others too, making it four clusters of diamonds; Then I notice the first cluster had five diamonds then six, seven and nine; All were in a circular cluster and all blue

I see myself recognising the fact that this was no ordinary twig and needed an interpretation to find its meaning; With this in mind

I see Jesus appear once again and sit down with me

I see him say, you have to find the meaning itself and YOU will enjoy this task too, so worry not

I see Jesus embracing me and saying; “BE in your heart as always and stay in YOUR peace that you have found; for it serves you well and finds solace in this wisdom you have; There is much knowing that will open up this year in YOU as you are a SEEKER; This quest to KNOW will open much further into a sight that is UNIQUE in many ways BUT helpful to others to look WITHIN for all answers

I see the scenes changing and everything fading away

I see that my journey has finished

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi