SoS094 - The Brilliant Light Consciousness


The Brilliant Light Consciousness of my Inner~Self

I see a bright light in the distance; it is so bright that I have to shield my eyes

I see Jesus and he embraces me and says, that bright light is YOU, now go and find what the bright light IS

I see myself once again looking into the direction of this light; and as I do my eyes adjust to the brightness

I see the brightness being a mixture of all sorts of colours and not just one light

I see myself walking down to the direction of the light until I am facing it

I see that my mind, my super consciousness picking up the light, it fades until it is visible

I see it is a precious stone, a brilliant diamond the size of my fist

I see the diamond has many lights inside of it and it is clear and shimmering as I look

I see myself sitting down and looking deeply as though the diamond is ME

I see myself inside the diamond and being surrounded by light and balls of light circling all around me

I see the lights as liquidy and can smell the sweet fragrance of rose flowers all around

I see myself reaching out to hold one of these balls and place it on my lap. It is warm to the touch and is a complete circle; then all of a sudden

I see it rise above my head and turn into a face and it was my face; I smile and it too smiles back

I see the face talk and it says, ‘the moment is to transcend all lights into ONE great consciousness and to unite the YOU into ONE great thought; This thought is a consciousness that will bear fruit like a tree; BUT it will keep giving you fruit as long as the concentration and wisdom is required and sought after

I am YOUR light and insight into all things which you listen in silence; I am the essence of your BEING~ness and the spirit of the God consciousness that is WITHIN YOU; It is I that speak now.

I have served your consciousness and the mind, body and soul complex to bring YOU into a further LIGHT that will give rise to further insight as you focus on them’

I see the face change into a ball and slowly move down onto my lap; I wondered and thought about the message being given, until I decide to lie down

I see a feather drop down in front of my face and on the path; I pick it up and look at the brightness of its colours which was radiating lights

I see the feather being wet, but I quickly realise it was made of the same substance as the balls of lights which are still circling around me; I quickly realise again that the feather is a symbol, but my mind cannot comprehend; I feel dazed and bewildered being in this diamond environment and slowly moving in a circular direction, but slowly

I see myself floating and my hands being itchy; until they give off lights too

I see myself closing my eyes and the feather that I was holding disappearing and as I open them again, the scene changes

I see myself walking along another bright light and into an ocean of crystal clear water; I am waist deep in this ocean and I touch the water; it is mercury coloured and silvery

I see myself wading into going deeper and deeper until I am completely submerged BUT safe

I see myself being ONE with the water and breathe in the same wave length and frequency of this KNOWING~NESS

I see myself nodding as understand the thoughts and memories of the NOW and present happenings which is going on

I see myself curling into a ball and in pain; I realise that I am pregnant and with a big stomach; I am getting contractions and the pain is intensifies; these labour pains continue until I start laughing

I see myself still inside the ocean and completely immersed yet I could breathe

I see myself lying down and giving birth to a ball of light

I see the scenes changing and everything fading away

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi