SoS093 - The Winged Consciousness

29 July 2013

The Winged Consciousness and the Butterfly book

I see a butterfly pass over my head

I see a path and the same butterfly flying slowly across

I see Jesus smiling and looking at the butterfly; he says follow it and embraces me when I leave on my path

I see the path is golden but radiating lights of the rainbow, but in different intensities; but they are subtle radiant lights and it feels good when I walk over them and they shine on me

I see the butterfly increase its speed and I follow too; this is a butterfly I have never seen before; Its wings are multi-coloured and it antenna silvery; But it is its size that had surprised me, a least two feet across its wingspan

I see the butterfly fly merrily across our same path until the path changes and it no longer visible; This surprises me and I wondered what I should do next; I decide to survey the area around me; The path was now golden and greeny with flowers decorated the path; It was so beautiful

I see myself calming my mind and realise that there is no need to worry and seeing such beauty is indeed a warm welcome inside

I see in the distance the very same butterfly and it is heading for a waterfall which is even further

I see myself too following it to find out what is so special about this butterfly. My thoughts give chattering too many scenarios what the butterfly could me; from a messenger, a guide to a conscious is in disguise. My super consciousness tells me to head for the destination and see what lies ahead

I see myself getting closer to this waterfall and realise it is vast; its height is hundreds of metres high and its pool was like a small ocean; the amount of water that fell into the water was so incredible too see

I see myself standing by the side and watching the water fall down and see a whirling and currents being formed below

I see lights where the water had fallen and they too were multi-coloured

I see myself looking at the whirling lights of all shades shimmering and reflecting on the surface

I see the lights increase in its intensity and brightness; I place my hand over my face shielding it from its brightness; Then I hear a voice calling my name repeatedly but softly

I see myself moving my hands away from my face and the bright lights does not seem that bright anymore; my eyes had adjusted to its intensity

I see myself scanning around to find where the source of my voice is and realise it is in the water where the majority of the water was falling; But I could not see anything just the bright lights and colours which was still shimmering in the water

I see a pebble and throw it in the water

I see the pebble come back at my feet which surprises me and made me smile; but the very same voice continued to call my name softly; I decide to throw the pebble in the same spot where the voice is heard; but this time the pebble vanishes and the colours change to a golden light and yellows and a hint of orange too

I see that the voice has stopped and notice a book rising from the water and heading forward towards me; behind it is the very same butterfly which appears

I see it rest on the book and then suddenly disappear again

I see the book come closer and closer until I hold it in my hand; I notice it has almost no weight to it yet is almost two feet wide and little more in its length

I see the same butterfly was embossed on its cover and I feel its impressions and colours which were shimmering out; The lights coming from its antenna was silvery perhaps closer to mercury, yet they were coming into my eyes; At first I moved my face away but realise quickly that I should let the lights shine into my eyes

I see the lights are cool and yet warm at the same time when they touch my eyes; I feel that I am kissed as they continue to come through the book

I see myself opening the book and look through the pages and see many butterflies of all shapes and sizes too

I see myself looking very carefully through the many hundreds of pages containing a variety of different species of butterflies

I see they some are as tiny as a penny or dime and some as big as the book; yet they were all multi-coloured filled with radiating lights which continue to shine directly into my eyes

I see myself noticing something on the wings of one such butterfly; it was a symbol more like an emblem; It was tiny yet clearly visible

I see the symbol at the centre had my name and around it there were leaves

The see the leaves as being different to anything I have ever seen as they were jagged and yet carefully symmetrically formed; Yes they were green and the veins were golden; Until I notice a leaf being completely golden

I see myself touching this leaf and I hear it call my name; it was the very same voice I heard before

I see myself touching and feeling the leaf again; and hear it say ‘embrace me’; I instinctively open my heart and let the leaf come inside of me; I feel its golden lights inside of me slowly whirling around

I see it call my name again and I feel that I am being embraced inside my heart

I see the book shrink inside slowly and slowly until it was just a tiny ball of light

I see it enter my heart and completely lit up my body

I see that I am light and my hands, organs were too

I see that I have finished as I watch the scenes around me change

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi