SoS092 - I See Red Photon lights


I See Red Photon lights that change into Humans, the Prophets had all Landed.

I see a path and a cloud overhead

I see Jesus descend from the cloud and embrace me; he says you have journeyed well over this year and another journey is needed; You will awaken and be cleansed again, but this will develop you further on your spiritual path

You have been patient and tolerant; and used your insight and wisdom well, to carefully steer yourself away from those who cause mischief; So keep yourself wholesome when you travel and be assured I am with you and your loved ones too; they continue to watch over you

I see myself walking along the path and smiling; Jesus’ words in my mind and they feed my happiness inside

I see a whole planet suddenly in front of me, so absorbed in my mind that I did not notice. It was huge filled my sight

I see the whirling clouds inside the planet and a pyramid structure inside; clearly visible with a beacon of light which is red coming out at the apex

I see it is no ordinary light but it resonated on and off and reminded me of a signal operator for Morse code; as their was no rhythm that I could detect from the short bursts of light

I see myself just standing at a distance and hear Jesus’ voice saying softly ‘focus’

I see myself aligned with the light and notice the light or photon of light was heading in my direction; I could see it circle the planet, they looked liked spaceships from a distance;

I see a line of photon lights circling around and following a circular path then heading my way

I see the lights getting closer and suddenly the scene changes, I am in a dense forest, completely surrounded with trees in thick bushy area it was

I see myself commanding the forest to clear a path for me; my super consciousness instinctively suggested it and immediately

I see bushes moving to both side and whole trees simply shuffling to one side. In a couple of minutes a path was made and filled with rose petals

I see myself walking down this newly built path and a hint of a scent of roses

I see the scent increasing and notice it in my stomach too

I see myself stopping and the scent becoming over powering and I find myself being washed in this aroma; I could feel my skin reacting to the rose scent and being washed; My whole outside body being covered in the scent which had settled as a pure liquid

I see myself completely naked and covered head to toe with rose musk in a liquid form; I could feel the liquid moving around my hair and my outer skin, sometimes it would make me laugh as it gave me a tingling sensation

I see myself being in the forest for sometime and as every minute went by the pure rose musk had slowly dissolved into my bloodstream and was moving into all my organs including to every cell

I see myself looking at my skin to see the rose musk had gone but the beautiful smell was all over my body

I see and feel my thoughts were too scented with the same musk, which completely surprised me; I never knew that thoughts too could have a smell

I see myself being completely calm and wearing a red outfit designed as a tunic with trousers; even my shoes were red

I see myself walking through the forest coming out to see the planet again
I see the red photon lights heading closer and closer

I see in the distance more line of lines equal distance apart and I become sleepy; I am unable to stand as sleep overtakes me and I decide to sit down with my head barely keeping it up

I see myself being determined to watch the lights and see it coming, wondering what they could be or what information or even knowledge they would give

I see myself barely awake until I fall down and fast asleep

I see myself breathing heavily and completely knocked out so deep was I sleeping

I see the lights land one by one and change into humans, but I could not recognise them; yet I was still fast asleep not knowing anything happening

I see myself witnessing a thousand or so humans surrounding me and just staring and smiling at my body, sill dressed in the red attire

I see more and more humans surrounding until there were many thousands and still increasing

I see myself sleeping

I see all the humans gather themselves closer and putting there arms around each others shoulder forming a complete concentric circle; there too many of these circles too count as I continued to observe myself

I see them close their eyes and whisper some words which was barely audible

I see them move there heads slowly and create a wave which looked like a gas or cloud that moved with the vibration of there whispers

I see myself waking up being surprised yet I recognise everyone and smile

I see myself sitting cross-legged and watching the light cloud which was generating all around me

I see it become thicker and thicker like a fog; until

I see light inside these clouds also red but purple and other colours too

I see myself witnessing something which my mind could not comprehend but I let myself to observe this event

I see myself standing up and still they continued with these whispers until realised they were all Prophets from the ages gone by

I see my insight waking up to witness all the prophets were increasing my frequency; yet I could not completely see their faces, but my super consciousness was giving me the wisdom to KNOW and recognise who they are

I see myself still completely surrounded my all the Prophets since the beginning of time

I see them suddenly disappear and notice the planet too

I see myself looking at a mirror and myself; I could see that I was covered in diamonds even in my hair too; like a braid

I see myself staring at the mirror trying to make sense at what had just happened; but a smile filled my face

I see the scenes changing and everything fading away

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi