SoS091 - The Diamond encrusted Heart fed by lightning


The Diamond encrusted Heart fed by lightning

I see flowers which are whole scattered around the path

I see Jesus embracing me and ushering me to go and follow the flowers

I see myself walking down the path and seeing a flock of doves flying in formation above the bluish sky; This was no ordinary sky but had colours of gas like appearance; It was breath taking and with the birds flying which numbered in there thousands is was a sight to see

I see the path becoming wider and wider about twelve feet across and the flowers still decorated the path

I see a thunder ahead and a lightning that crashes down to a particular spot; I decide to head in the same direction to see what has happened

I see the path is more glittery then flowery and there are ornament and vases on the path too now

I see it reminding me of ornamental shop of marble things, it was wonderful to witness

I see the lightning still crashing down at the same spot

I see myself quickening my step until I arrive and notice it was not lightning but a hearts light crashing down to another heart

I see it is a connection with a loved one and how two hearts connect with that energy

I see this heart is made up of lights and is housed in a diamond case but it is huge in size; it was my size and my heart; It was like a meld of energy and

I see it giving birth and it is liquidy looking and overflowing. The lightning was a connection from another heart above, which I could not see

I see myself looking into the big diamond heart which is filled with colourful energies inside; I begin to touch the case and see my hand go straight through and the liquidy light begins to fill me

I see my finger tips being filled with glittery lights and I could feel my body being lifted and revived; I feel sensuous and dizzy in this love intoxication and smile; as I begin to KNOW and witness this INSIGHT too

I see the lightning continues but its energy pours into me like a flood and I feel its power taking hold, but it is not over powering but perfect strength for me

I see it flooding through like a stream that is continuous

I see around me and above doves begin to land and some hover over me

I see those dropping precious stones which lightly hit my body sending tingling sensations inside

I see myself getting bigger and taller, I grow to a fast rate, taller and taller until the big heart becomes to size of a normal heart; I must be thirty feet tall now and still my hand is inside this diamond heart

I see myself opening my chest slowly but I feel no pain and place the heart inside my chest and all the precious stones dropped by the doves become magnetized to me and they begin part of me

I see myself walking up

I see the scenes changing and everything fading away

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi