SoS090 - The Consciousness like a Tornado


The Consciousness like a Tornado

I see a whirling cloud in the distance it looks like a tornado

I see my path and Jesus is there to greet me with an embrace; he says the tornado you are seeing is the collective of many people’s consciousness which are in turmoil

They are holding there old thoughts and recycling them over and over again; which only drains their physical and mental body; These thoughts are not worries or old Karmic happening but old customs and old ways of the life in before 2012

They are copying a lie style that neither nourishes nor feeds their spiritual growth; instead it shrinks them into a tornado that only goes round and round; when this happens it sucks other similar consciousness in its wake

Now look carefully at the tornado, it has sucked up many things too of their life, like material things; Many continue to grab things thinking it will nourish them, so that too whirls all around them adding more destructive to the power of the tornado

Mankind needs to let go and feed the new wave of open thoughts that breeds peace and passage of life that is cooperative; This leads to peace and goodwill to all of mankind and they in turn share these same emotions to others

Many have forgotten that the heart is the key to life; The Heart is a generator and much more to all of life and holds the key to all future lives in all different dimensions of the soul

The journey ahead for all of mankind is excellent if the soul is present in their life; Without the soul mankind will keep on falling and societies will keep on falling too

This is much unsettled activity around the world, which means countries will continue to fall as the collective consciousness of the area is still built on greed

When this happens the energy of the new wave will not house this old structure and will demand new changes; so that stability will come into calmness of all thoughts in mankind

The collective consciousness of mankind is still like a tornado, destructive and ruthless in its approach; When changes do not happen it will continue to grow in size sucking others into its wake, giving them a false insecurity and nothing else

Breed new energies and be fresh with your ideas and thoughts and yes even listen to others; for a new idea gives birth to a new insight which is multiplied many times over

A fresh thought in this new paradigm is worth its weight of gold; as it is from the inner wisdom of man; When these ideas come from inside they serve to be true for him

So search within and keep a connection open to listen and review ideas and evaluate situations

Let me destroy this tornado

I see the tornado slowly loosing its power and speed; it then shrinks in size and slowly comes to a halt and then disappears

I see Jesus say; now it is gone and mankind can think clearly now

I see Jesus smiling and gives me a pineapple; it has a huge diamond at the top, instead of the stem; Around the pineapple are yellow bright stones embedded on the surface

I see a single red stone, a ruby; It is heart shaped and inside its centre is a pink stud precious stone, it is circular inside; and inside of that is a blue aquamarine like stone. Wow I thought and embrace Jesus again who laughs with approval

I see Jesus taking the diamond off like a cap bottle, and says now drink the juice; I hold the pineapple with two hands and drink the liquid inside; It was divine to drink and such a sweetness that brought a tingling and refreshing feeling inside; It was so tasty and refreshing

I see myself asking Jesus to drink with me; he smiles and drinks it too

I see the scenes changing and everything fading away

I see that my journey has finished.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi