SoS089 - The Million Pearlescent lights


The Million Pearlescent lights converge into my Heart and Third Eye

I see a river and a path on top of the river going through a forest

I see Jesus and he embraces me and says; need not worry all things come to fruition and a unity point will be achieved in thought and in life, now go on your path

I see myself walking on the path and being surrounded by water; everywhere my eye looked and even in the distance there was water

I see coming out of this water were trees of every variety; to me it looked like a sea forest; It was so unusual that I have never seen before; As I concentrated further

I see colours coming out of the tree, they were lights at a central point in the middle of the trunk; Yet in the beginning I was not able to see this but now

I see a millions of light going criss cross across my path and in between the trees and everywhere; It reminded me of a film when banks put laser security systems in their vaults, this was exactly the same, but in every colour

I see that I am standing still, thinking if I step forward I will go through the light and may trip an alarm of some kind; I look around confused unsure what to do; then

I see all the colours become one colour, pearlescent; it was breathtaking to see an incredible colour; I am so intrigued and mesmerised that I forget any danger; The earlier thoughts become a distant memory; replaced instead by the intense desire to walk through the lights

I see myself after several minutes fully absorbing the sight of the lights, I walk forward

I see all the lights immediately converge to me and I stop again, thinking what is happening; I notice they all converge to my heart, all millions of light coming from the trunk of the trees directing all their light into me

I see myself being calm and not being fazed at all, I have had similar experiences before; I relax and begin breathing deeply then out; I feel a slight tingling in the heart as I continue to watch the pearlescent lights converge into me

I see after several minutes, pressure being building up in the heart, but it is not hurting me at all; then the lights immediately converge to my temple, the third eye; I begin to panic as I really feel the pressure of the lights and my arms are outstretched, and gasping for breath; I begin to hyper ventilate and struggling with my thoughts, which were telling me to relax and calm down

I see myself closing my eyes and focusing on one thought, my past mother who opened my chakras and guided me to my spiritual path; Then I think of Jesus asking for help then my mother; by this time I was feeling helpless and stuck unable to move or think clearly

I see my eyes open and see Jesus who holds my right shoulder and arm; then I notice my mother holding my left arm and shoulder; She whispers I know it will soon pass, so relax we are here now

I see energy flowing through my arms and instinctively KNOW it was from Jesus and my mother; It is calming me and feeding me at the same time; I feel my mind being directed to think of the energies flowing and coming through my shoulders and arms

I see myself not being bothered about the intense pressure in my third eye any more and begin to relax and let everything happen

I hear Jesus speak, this is a knowledge not given to anybody before; it is through nature and Gae; It has not been open for anybody at this time, it is yours now; Soon you will learn to open this knowledge and wisdom and KNOW when and what to do with it
Let the process of downloading be complete and you can be assured and be relaxed, no harm or pain will come to you

Your thoughts are innocent and pure; your essence is being revived and the remembering is opening up inside your heart; Soon when the time is right you will write a book and project this knowledge to those who wish to be enlightened

I see myself being completely calm and listening to Jesus’ words and being unfazed but relaxed

I see Jesus and my mother let go and I feel as though my muscles and body become strong and fearless

I see the lights have stopped and I feel the patting on my back from Jesus and my mother; and the words well done

I see myself smiling and being humbled by their presence

I see I have finished

I see the forest disappear then the water

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi