SoS088 - The Gift from a Peacock


The Gift from a Peacock

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me with an embrace; he says, no matter what your path is your own and others will find wisdom from this venture; It is important to all that they find there own heart within and find there own passions to activate this

I see myself walking down the path thinking of myself how I can see further inwards then before; This passion has always been there for many years and to see it happening is making me more determined then every before

I see the path has circles imbedded in them and all are the same size and colour of the path which is green, but different shades

I see that the path is reflecting light back at me, as though it is aware when I walk on it

I see that the circles mean something but I am not sure and carry on walking

I see in the distance a cloud or something as it is very far away, I concentrate my eyes and try to focus but it is too far

I see I am walking along my path heading for the cloud; until I notice a peacock on my left; It is larger then ever before and in full plumage; Its feathers are so hypnotic and

I see myself noticing all the individual feathers and colours of the bird, but this time the feathers are intertwined with diamond light threads; The bird comes closer and rests her head at my feet

I see myself stopping and wondering what had just happened; I stroke the bird and decide to sit down with it

I see the bird completely at rest and being comfortable with me; it begins to raise its head as it responds to my touch moving it around

I see the bird under its feathers pull out a golden thread and place it carefully into my hands; then it pulls out one of its feathers; This was about ten inches long so was quite big

I see it too placing it placing it into my hand

I see myself thanking the bird and giving it a hug; then the bird goes inside its feathers and gives me a book; It has a picture of me on the cover, which surprises me

I see that the cloud is above my head and over us; and realise it is full of lights flashing from one direction to the other

I see it descending and come inside of me and then disappearing; I feel light all inside my body

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi