SoS087 - The Purple Forest Consciousness


The Purple Forest Consciousness in ME

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me; he says I should go far and follow the birds; I understood immediately what he meant; I was to follow my super consciousness as this was the bird; Hen he said it in plural as in birds, perhaps there was something else I was missing

I see myself walking along the path which was like glass as it was see through and I was surrounded by the blue sky; I never had seen by path before completely surrounded by so much blue

I see myself hearing my heart which is pumping with a greater vigour and strength; I wondered why it was beating so loud, I feel it is beating in another rhythm then normal

I see that I am walking down my path but see nothing but blueness and not even a single bird in the sky; I think to myself what he could have meant about the birds

I see myself continuing walking then in the distance I see a structure in the distance, it is clouded or something I cannot make it out

I see that my stride is getting bigger and I am growing taller and taller; which makes me all excited, I must be nine feet tall and my stride in walking is making little effort in getting to this distant structure

I see myself coming closer and closer until I notice the structure was a gate; It is about thirty feet high and fifteen feet across and it completely covered in whirls and circle patterned; The gate is all one colour black and it has shiny white stones everywhere and it shines the light out

I see that the stones emitting the light made it difficult to see it was like seeing just like a cloud, how unusual and wonderful I thought to myself

I see that I go through the gate and see a purple forest ahead; but there where different shades of purple and in the distant a man is walking around

I see the forest is vast with bushes and plants of all shades of purple; the man too had purple hair which made me smile and smirk too; I have never seen so much purple shades in my life

I see myself looking around and notice at least dozens shades o the colour

I see myself walking towards the man and he instinctively turns around to walk to me; We meet and embrace each other and says, I am surprised I have not seen anybody for at least a hundred years

I see the man has light purple eyes and his skin is almost white but close to ivory colour; He is exactly my height of nine feet

I see him say; I am the keeper of this garden which you call forest and in each plant, tree, flower and even leaf contain wisdom for the right person who seeks it; The garden are for those who are looking to further their spiritual SELF and sacrifice their time for there improvement and KNOWING

I see him continue, I am humbled for I am to show you around the garden and you may talk to any plant or tree or anything in the garden as they will all speak to you

I see myself asking his name, and he replies, the closest meaning to your language is Jacob; will you come to see the garden

I see myself walking along until I noticed the Jacob had disappeared but I was not surprised I felt he was giving me some individual and private time

I see myself drawn to this bush of bluish and purple flowers and the stem was green with hints of purple too

I see myself wondering what the plant will say until it spoke; Hello enlightened soul I am a consciousness that radiates the souls essence and is closely resembles yours. I am the opener and uncluttering of blocks in the mind, body and soul complex; By communicating with me, I mirror my wisdom and healing towards YOU
You see me as a bush, yet I am not a bush but a portal of wisdom and light for a specific attribute of a greater consciousness that serves YOU and anybody who connects with this wisdom and frequency

When you look around you see a forest but they the plants and trees are a greater wisdom that only a few managed to reach; and YES they too are a specific consciousness

I see myself reaching out and touching the flower and leaves of this bush; and immediately energy grabs a hold of me, it is cool and mercury like and it quickly rushes through my body; I feel that it is kicking out dead cells that have been dormant for years and replacing them with purple cells

I see myself KNOW at an instant what my inner body was doing and healing; I could see inside of me like another vision had opened up

I see the plant continue; come closer Shazi and sit next to me; I sit down and almost touching the plant and I could feel an energy swirling around me and as a thousand voices were talking to me; The voices were so fast and quick; It left my mind puzzled and I could not make out sentences but only words, but then this was not all of them

I see myself sitting down and simply trying to listen and make out this message; Then the voice increased even faster and faster, the plant was talking twice or even three times as fast

I see myself moving back a little wondering what was going on, but felt impelled to stay close and not worry or let my thoughts run wild

I see the voice increase even faster and see all around me light; it was brilliant light swirling around me

I see flashes and sparkling lights all around me and I was inside a bubble of this light and voices; then the voices stop and there was nothing but light all around me

I see a silence come over me; I feel I have gone deaf as my hearing has gone numb and only a sound like a hissing in my ears; I wondered if I had gone deaf but my super consciousness tells me it has a frequency that was inaudible to my ears and they were configuring to connect with his frequency

I see myself being lit up by a purple light and my eyes and hair was beginning to turn purple like the man Jacob had looked

I see myself in minutes turning to the ivory skinned colour and even my nails were a hint of blue purple; but soon as I was getting used to it I changed back to my normal complexion and looks too

I see that I have absorbed all this light or frequency inside of me

I see a purple embroidered scarf fall into my hands

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi