SoS086 - The Symbolic Tree


The Symbolic Tree since the beginning of Time

I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me and walks down to greet me; he says I do understand and soon everything will make sense; It is important to expand your consciousness more and feel the effects of your hidden potential that lies with in

I see him continue; your messages are vital for the awakening of thousands of people who in turn will wake millions; so BE with them and show tolerance and patience as you have been always

I see him point to a tree in the distance and head in that direction

I see myself walking down the path with a sky so blue and wonderful

I see myself almost at an instant arriving to the tree, yet a few seconds ago it was a long distance away

I see a tree that has a trunk that must be twenty feet across, it is huge with millions of leaves and thousands of branches; It must have been here since the beginning of time I felt; The tree is huge two perhaps a hundred metres high, so much character with the twists and turns of the branches

I see a small branch which clearly shows that the tree is still growing

I see that the tree has a sap flowing slowly from a hole of the trunk; I go towards it and put my finger in and then smell it; It was like a musky floral scent I have never experienced before

I see myself tasting it and wow it was honey fruity taste; I put my finger in and get some more several times; I feel my stomach healing, because I had a pain before and it was causing me to stop many times and hold my abdomen

I see myself walking around the trunk and feeling revitalised by the sap

I see an unusual pattern on the tree and it looked more like a symbol; there three interlocking circles perfectly round and bark coloured, with three triangles; In the middle where all three interlocked was another smaller circle and had a tiny plant growing from it

I see the plant has only one leaf and it is red; I thought how wonderful it all looked; It was the size of a dinner plate the symbol was, somehow I feel the need to look at it

I see myself staring deeply at this symbol and I can feel an energy being transferred from the tree and into me; then as immediately I KNOW that my heart and a chamber that was dormant begins to awaken and embrace this light

I see this opening as an earthy manifested attribute that is full of wisdom and insight

I see it open further inside of me and surround all the emptiness in my heart and fill it with light of all colours; yet the light was completely different from any other

I see myself KNOWING hat my heart has expanded and is the size of the symbol and I feel that I am growing branches inside my body; there were tingling and growing feelings inside of me, which made me laugh

I see that I am happy by this increase and opening of a part of my heart that had never been wakened before

I see that I continue to walk around the trunk and looking in detail the bark, until I notice another symbol; it had a five sided polygon, pentagon; Inside inscribed and all bark coloured was an image of a tree, another tree but this time a palm tree and in between a casket; In fact it is a treasure chest and a single blue sapphire in the centre of the chest

I see at the base of this pentagon and inside of it, there is an arrow next to this which looks  like three loaves of bread and a big cup

I see myself wondering what these images mean and I immediately feel sleepy looking at this symbol

I see it is one complete symbol and can be taken out which I do so, it was he size of a dinner plate also

I see and KNOW that this symbol belongs to me

I see myself wondering and thinking what this could represent

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi