SoS085 - My Pieces Horoscope


My Pieces Horoscope given by a Fish

I see a cloud in the distant and Jesus in that cloud

I see him descend and we embrace and greet each other

I see him say; be instep with your heart and you will find that all things will be wholesome; You are indeed instep so worry not and BE; others will always try to mislead or misjudge YOU, but they do not know the essence of Shazi; Now go along your path and seek guidance and listen attentively

I see myself heading for a mountain in the distance, it is huge the biggest I have seen; it is possible that this mountain is miles high and so enormous

I see myself following the path and leading it towards this huge destination overlooking the blue pristine sky that too dominates all things around

I see that I come to the base of the mountain and

I see big mushrooms which really look like stools to sit on; then I notice a tall blade of grass the size of me; In fact everywhere I looked the sizes of small plants on earth is much bigger

I see a flower, daisy and this is huge over here, the size of a dinner plate and another flower even bigger

I see a rock which is about twenty feet wide and across and I go around it to see other rocks of the same size at the base of the mountain

I see in between there are huge vegetation and flowers; it looked like a well tended garden and so much beauty in them too

I see myself going to all the flowers and grasses to touch them and feel their texture; then after a while my super consciousness reminds me of the mountain

I see myself looking up thinking how could I go upwards and climb it, and then I receive a reply from my consciousness, ‘you are not supposed to’

I see myself looking above then concentrated on around the mountain, walking around and seeing so many brightly coloured plants

I see myself coming to a tree, no, it is a plant but the size of a tree; even the stem was at least two feet across; Then I notice a seal on the trunk of the tree

I see there is a palm tree in the middle and on either side a plant; no it is a flower with five leaves; At the bottom of the plant is a name, which I cannot read as it is in a different language; My super consciousness tells me it is a name of a very wise and spiritual person and not from this earth

I see on the seal there is a necklace of eighteen rings coming from this necklace, just hanging; It reminded me of a charm bracelet

I see the seal is all coloured in and in the correct vibrant shade; but it is shiny and vibrant; I go behind the plant to see a wallet on the ground and

I see it is mine with credit cards but seemed to have more money then I normally do; I think that is strange and why was it here

I see myself going around the base of the mountain until

I see a fish the size of me standing there, I thought wow, but I was not afraid and go up to it

I see the fish has arms very similar to humans but a little different, I say hello and it greets me back

I see the fish say, that it is a consciousness of pieces and it his here to give me my horoscope; I thought to myself that is unusual as I really don’t believe in horoscopes at all and rarely read them; In fact in the last for or five years I may have read a few because my students were showing them to me
I see myself listening to this conscious say; “you are to go to a great long journey and know that your own HEART has created all this and also KNOW it is an agreement dating back centuries ago between both of your consciousness; This journey is necessary for your portal opening of ONESELF and agreement

In this journey you are not to visit anyone that may make you upset or lower your vibrations, this is a sacred place you are to go in your heart; You will find many consciousnesses with in YOU that will open and at the same time you will FEEL and KNOW more as your instinct will increase

There will we moments of interactions with others but keeps this to a minimum should there mirrors be onto yours; Others will try to enforce or guide you, but you are YOUR own guide, you have your own wisdom so use it wisely

Know also that you are protected and the journey will be a cleansing within you as you travel and seek silence when ever you can

Take this pendant and use it for the journey, it is for your own protection; It will guard you from imposing spirits and heartless souls who never care of others but only to themselves

Be assured the journey will be enjoyable and KNOW hat you are ONE and ONE of YOURSELF too

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi