SoS084 - The Gift of Knowledge


The Gift of Knowledge from Saint Peter

I see a path and Jesus is there to greet me with a hug; and says, wonder not what needs wondering leave your mind free to explore its depth

I see myself understanding his words and heading along my path

I see myself walking a steep incline and then levelling off; I carry on until

I see a pyramid but it is not that big about my height and the width is the same too; There are four columns of trees around the base; Then I notice a wash bowl about a metre high

I see myself going to the wash bowl and washing my face and hands; the water changed as soon as I touched it; I could see many colours and shades, but it was light mixed in the water too, so colours of light came out and I could see mini lightning strikes in the water

I see myself playing with the water and decide to go and see the pyramid. It was the sandy colour as usual but there was a small door where you have to bend down to enter to go in and I do

I see an open sky, a huge place as though I have entered into another planet; There was a cluster of trees in the distance about a few miles away to my left; To my right I could see an ocean and in the middle was sand and dunes too

I see myself walking towards the trees and notice that I was on a sandy coloured path; as I look down I could see diamonds on the path as part of the path

I see tiny ruby stones to and emeralds as well; I head for the trees and looking around too; The ocean is so blue, I thought to myself and making me all peaceful

I see myself after a while arriving at a cluster of trees to find there is an embankment to go down and there is a hidden valley; It is covered in all heights of trees; It was breathtaking to look at such a scene

I see myself going down and notice a man around a camp fire cooking

I see myself calling out to him and he turns round and smiles; he was taller then me and good build; He wore a simple drape; it reminded me of the clothes worn by the disciples during Jesus’ time

I see myself looking in the eyes of Saint Peter, even though I have never met him, my intellect and knowing tells me so; I am overwhelmed to see him and realise his clothes were like a graduation gown in ivory

I see him embrace me tightly and kiss me on the forehead, I shed a tear and he tells me no tears; I am speechless and honoured to meet him

I see him telling me to sit down and I notice his necklace of a purple stone which I did not recognise; His hair was long to his shoulders and his tunic was filled with silver and gold treads; I noticed to that there was fine red threading and my insight told me it was made from the ruby

I see myself wondering how a thread could be made from a stone, then my mind snaps back and I hear Peter talk for the first time

I see him say; I have been watching over you and inspiring you as well over the past years, even as far back as ten years ago. I am humbled that you have reached my frequency so that I am able to inspire you further; As I talk to you I am feeding you my energy and intellect

My dear Shazi I am giving you all by wisdom to YOU, and I do this with great pride and over time you will harness my wisdom as you mature spiritually; It is with great excitement that I do this and more importantly it is the first time in your spiritual path, that anybody has given you such mastery

I am here as a messenger to you and a wisdom keeper of a KNOWING that has been hidden from the eyes of many snatchers; for they know only greed when they say we are humble people

I am here to pass this on right now; so come closer and let me wash you with fire

I see myself being confused for a moment then realised that the fire will not hurt me or anything as it was Peter who was in charge of it

I see myself taking my clothes off and completely bare, it was needed so that my skin could be visible

I see peter with a branch from a bush but it in the burning flames of the fire; he then rubbed it against my skin, I felt no pain at all but just the rubbing of the branches against my skin

I see him say a prayer and then another as he continued to run the burning branch over my body and then my hair too

I see him do this several times. I was not counting but felt he did a specific process and order which he repeated several times

I see him give me a tunic of the same colour as his; he helped me to out it on and it fitted perfectly; he then placed his hands over my heart; I could feel his weight and pressure of his hand which made be look up; But with his other hand he gently pushed my head down and closed my eyes

I see him for a time say another prayer and blew over my head several times

I see myself opening my heart and chest and letting this divine light so pure it felt come inside of me; It felt nourishing and tingly, yet it embraced my heart completely

I see into my heart and notice a book being delivered to my heart; I notice it read Saint Peter as a heading; Then I felt a sandalwood scent coming from his breath and over my head; The scent cleared my head, my sinuses and even my throat; I thought wow and yet all this happened with my eyes closed

I see my wisdom coming forth inside my heart ad carefully open the book and start to read

I see him remove my hand and I sit up straight

I see him say now go and take this food I have made for you and eat it with my blessing; I will watch over you and connect with you from your heart and between your soul to my soul and spirit

I see myself embracing Peter again

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi