SoS083 - The Feathered Quill Pen


The Feathered Quill Pen given by my Plaidian Consciousness

I see a golden path and it is like a tunnel completely surrounded with golden light too

I see Jesus he greets and embraces and says follow the path, I smile and head ahead into this golden light

I see there was only a golden tunnel and it is mesmerising and it is an attraction to get anybody going; along the way there are golden coins on the path scattered everywhere, I do not stop to have a look but keep walking ahead

I see in the distance that there is no change to the path

I see myself walking quite a distance then the path changes to silver and open out; there was tunnel path anymore but a blue sky; The silver path was decorated at the sides with in laid with flowers left and right

I see myself slowing down to admire the flowers and the scents given off, until

I see a man standing in front of me, with a smile he greets and says; I am your plaidian consciousness and a superior consciousness that you have not regularly contacted with; My divine essence and DNA is exactly like yours, but highly evolved in KNOWING and INSIGHT. My purpose is to give you this pen for you to use

I see myself reaching out and taking the quill pen and looked at it; It was a large single feather perhaps two feet long and a wonderful coloured feathers

I see it has a strong pointed nib and inside the stem was a pool of ink already incorporated inside the pen; The colours where of the rainbow and each colour had seven shades of the colour
I see the nib was golden and the feather reminded me of an ostrich’s feather

I see him smiling and I give thanks and then he says; YOUR wisdom is the truth you write in your words, they have energy filled in every single word as the are from a divine source IN YOU

I see him then vanish and I here a faint sound of a farewell message to which I too softly say

I see the path and wonder if I should go back, but in the distance

I see a fountain of lights, so I head in that direction

I see a pool of lights, very dense and fluid; it reminded me of nitrogen gas, the way it flows out poured; These were in many colours and shades and it was pouring out continuously

I see the fountain as being at least twelve feet tall and just filled with lights

I see myself looking into this fountain and a Jar suddenly floats out and hovers about two feet away

I see myself thinking should I grab it before it disappears or not; I deliberate then decide to reach out and grab the Jar

I see it is similar to a vase, but reminds me of a several thousand year old vessel storage jar to keep olives which they used in the Middle East

I see it is made of gold and almost as no weight to it, yet it is very solid but engravings and markings all over the Jar. There was no space where there were no engravings

I see the jar, having inscribed images of trees, flowers, leaves and feathers but all variety of sizes; There were no other colours or stones imbedded; it was all gold coloured; how beautiful it was

I see to look inside and I notice an ink pot and spare nibs; which I quickly realise was a set for my quill pen

I see myself putting the pen in the jar

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi