SoS082 - The Purple Ocean and the Expanse of Consciousness


The Purple Ocean and the Expanse of Consciousness

I see a path and Jesus is there sitting on a bench overlooking a purple expanse of water; he beckons me over; he stands and embraces me warmly and says, this ocean of water belongs to YOU

I see myself looking across this purple sea, it was serene and so peaceful; I could see different shades of the colour in some areas

I see Jesus say; now look at the end of the water or the edge; I look across and could not see it, I even stand up and concentrate but the purple sea was too vast to find shore line

I see myself saying; No master I cannot the sea is so vast and even a pair of binoculars would not be able to find the shore line

I see Jesus say, this is YOUR purple sea, this represents the knowledge that you already possess; This is more then a drop of ocean and even a drop of his water would fill the ink of a thousand pens; So can you imagine how many pens you could fill?

I see myself saying, it would go into millions, I would image; Jesus replies not even that into trillions and trillions; You are the person here to bring a KNOWING and REMEMBERING to mankind; To awaken them from there slumber and search within the KNOWLEDGE that was first given to Adam and MORE; This further knowledge is of the ascended worlds and realms that no one has seen yet, but can be accessed within

I see myself listening and concentrating carefully to Jesus’s words and then he becomes silent; I too become silent and see him sit back and look over the purple sea

I see a wave being formed over the horizon and it gathers momentum and height, as though a tsunami was coming; I become apprehensive and look towards Jesus, who remained calmed and looked at the waves too

I see the wave being huge and the height must be over a hundred feet in the air, gathering momentum and heading towards us at great speed

I see the wave as being several miles away yet the force of the water can be felt from here

I see Jesus say; Shazi, that wave is your will power, look at it its height and force of the wave; see this is your determination to succeed whilst others had failed because of greed and lust; This will not happen to YOU; as you have listened and LISTENED again to your inner self and awakening that gathers pace in your spiritual path

I see him say, the wave is KNOWLEDGE too and succumbs to your insight, instinct, inner psyche and expansion; all and many more are inside this wave and other waves to come; It will not reach us yet and but you will KNOW when it does; It cannot harm US as this is consciousness and we see this as an ocean of water

I see myself listening; this sea is bigger then an ocean and goes for thousands of miles in every direction as GOD'S knowledge is infinite and never shrinks but expands; so this ocean too expands; This consciousness is YOURS and is deep too, as it goes down thousands of miles too; can you imagine the volume of this water; it would be able to work it out

I see myself smiling and being overwhelmed by his words and wondering what lies inside the water in terms of KNOWING

I see him say, go and drink it and taste it; I stand up and go bend over and scoop the water in my hand and drink it; it tasted a bit like honey and yet so pure drinking water; I scoop some more from this ocean and drink it again

I see Jesus, laugh out loud and enjoyed me drinking the water and say, go and dive in too; you will not drown, don’t worry; I hesitate and dive in fully clothed; I felt the water was embracing me warmly and a tingling sensation was immediately felt by my body

I see the water was communicating with me feeding into my KNOWING; I swam around and felt at home and the overwhelming satisfaction inside was felt

I see Jesus call me and I immediately get out of the water, completely soaked; He looks at me and laughs at the water soaked clothes

I see him say, they dried quickly and I look and realised that I was completely dry and my clothes looking brand new

I see myself smiling and admiring my new clothes, which had too changed into purple robe as I stared at them

I see Jesus say, now wear them in pride of your achievements so far and those to come in KNOWING

I see Jesus put a necklace around my neck; it was a purple diamond heart and embraces me

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi