SoS081 - The Birds change into a Man


The Birds change into a Man

 I see a path and Jesus is waiting for me and greets me; he smiles and says don’t worry we cannot please everyone as all must find their own individual path; This path is for YOU only and as mankind awakens they must learn to SEE from themselves and KNOW the TRUTH from their own SELF

Mankind needs to realise that the way is open to all but the WAY is individually based; If has the passion and dedication then it will be revealed to him, what he SEEKS

I see myself listening heart fully and then Jesus departs with a smile and I go along my way

I see many flocks of birds flying around and each one was a different species; all of them were brightly coloured and staying in there flocks then flew ahead

I see a forest and see the birds all heading in that direction; my path was going in the same direction, so I walk along, thinking what lies ahead

I see that I get closer and the forest is dense but the path goes through and I carry on

I see a bird fly down and stop me from walking along

I see it is all yellow and even the beak and its feel were yellow; but different shades of yellow; It looks at me straight into the eyes and flies away; it was the size of my hand and the variety I had not seen before

I see myself carrying on the path; I am surrounded my tall trees with huge leaves and I come through to the other side to see a blue pool of water where all the birds had gathered

I see them all sitting down and no interaction but silence; I continue to walk and sit down on a bench facing all the birds; there must be hundreds of them all in their flocks and staring at me; I looked at them and wondered why were they waiting

I see myself saying hello and they all chip back in excitement; then

I see an incredible sight, they all come together and stand on top of each other like a circus act and merge

I see them all hundreds or so of them come together and make a human body; then the birds disappear and changes into a man; He must have been 7 feet tall and with good physical condition

I see with amazement that the birds all made this man and that he was made of them; my thoughts were lost for a moment as I made sense into all of this

I see him speak and say, dear Shazi please enter the water with me and let me bathe you; it is too cleanse the consciousness of pollution caused by outside doings of others and to elevate it to a higher frequency

I see myself going into the water and still thinking at the back of my mind what I should do, but I calmed myself down and realised it was a cleansing session that I had done in the past

I see myself enter the water upto my waist and so does the man; he drops his hands and scoops some water and pours is it over my head and he repeats it several times

I see myself and my head clearing up as though something was holding me back from SEE~ing, but then I feel it was my own denial and even stubborn~ness that prevented me from seeking and believing

I see myself being bathed constantly by this bird man who was with me in the water; then he stops and he asks that I bathe him, which I do as the same he had done

I see myself being cleansed deeply inside and I feel different and clear in my head

I see the man come out of the water and waits for me to come out too; then he transform quickly into the hundreds of birds and they fly off

I see them all fly down and begin to flap their wings and dry me; I was amazed by their intelligence and thanked them repeatedly

I see myself completely dry and they each come close one by one to kiss me and fly off; it was such a kind gesture and it really moved me inside; I felt truly humbled to watch all of this happening

I see I have finished

I see that I am back where I had started

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi