SoS080 - The Diamond Birds


The Diamond Birds

I see a purple cloud ahead and Jesus directly underneath it, he calls me over and we embrace; he says stay in this light and enjoy the path today

I see myself smiling and heading off following the path

I see the cloud ahead and where I go it is following me; then I notice it begins to rain steadily; I thought oh now, going to get totally wet now, but I notice it is purple rain and it is very delicate

I see it weight of each droplet is hardly felt when it touches the skin and body; then I notice it is not wet eye as it immediately absorbs into the skin, wow I thought that was really amazing

I see the rain falling heavily but all of it was being by the body and I could feel a tingly sensation all over the body as a result

I see ahead the re is a jungle and the area looks really dense with trees and bushes; but there is a trail visible so I follow down the trail

I see that it is very bushy in places until I come to a small opening, maybe in the middle but I was not sure of the jungle; I can here birds singing it is a tranquil place

I see a bench and think how unusual and sit down.

I see many birds surround me, maybe tow or three dozen birds just fly around me; I feel they are curious to WHO I am; I watch them fly in all direction and then come back again

I see myself thinking it is like watching a show of birds

I see myself looking and not focusing on any birds but all of them; but the colours of there feathers was something you cannot forget

I see they were all brightly covered and some even had precious stones on their wings; one has a diamond another a sapphire; how wonderful I thought

I see that all the birds had some precious stones as part of there feathers

I see all of a sudden they all land together and sit in front of me, then I realised there must be at least fifty or sixty of them

I see them all staring at me but there eyes showed they all were curious and had respect for me

I see them sitting very quietly not a single chirp or any noise what so ever; and I look around and see all the birds at least once in their eyes; Each time I looked then in there eye, I could tell they were grateful, as though they were honouring me, how sweet I thought

I see all of them come closer and then closer still, until there were no gaps in between them; The front ones were touching my bare feet and I could feel there feathers

I see myself talking to them; “my dear and precious gift of flight, thank you for your welcome in your beloved home; I am here to SEE you all as part of my spiritual path and learning

You have given me such a welcome and I give thanks for your hospitality you have shown

I want to say that YOU are all consciousness and that consciousness is a universal one which you are all connected; You are able to connect to other consciouses as you please; when you do you will learn and keep on learning; When this happens you will gain new insight or consciousness manifest into YOU as KNOWLEDGE”

I see them chirp away in excitement and there way of saying thank you, smiled back to them and said thank you

I see them all fly up and circle around me again and each one shakes off a feather which lands on my lap

I see they are incredibly woven and not like other feathers I have seen in my life; I notice the precious stones were weaved into the feathers; they looked like an evolutionary different species of birds with different feathers

I see then collect the feathers from my lap and begin to weave or connect then together; It was a masterful sight of them working in harmony to create something, which I was not sure

I see them swirling around chirping instructions to them until they all stopped and all sat in front me

I see myself wondering what is happening then

I see three of them carry this crown of feathers made for me and offered it as a gift

I see myself taking it and putting it on my head; I begin to laugh and same time humbled from a wonderful gift; I keep feeling the soft woven feathers inlaid with precious and bright feathers

I see one of them telepathically say, “we are your companions until eternity and infinity, to keep you company and your humble friends”

I see myself realising and nodded my head and say thank you softly

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi