SoS079 - Five Trees with Five books


Five Trees with Five books

I see a ball on my path and it is the size of me, just stationary; behind it is Jesus who comes around it and greets me with a hug

I see him say, take it with YOU when you go along the path; I reply but master it looks heavy, he smiles and says I know and departs

I see the ball and wonder how I would roll such a ball and it must be important too for me to take it around; All these and many more thoughts raced through my mind, searching for an explanation and some assistant to understand this ball; There was nothing except a blank ness

I see the ball is red and has precious stones imbedded in quantity all around the ball; I notice the ball had a seal and it was mine and name too, written calligraphically; I wondered what to do and then calmed my thoughts down and pushed the ball, it rolled slightly and as it gained a little momentum seemed to roll quite easily

I see the ball keeps rolling and I did not need to push at all; yet my mind wondered what the ball signified and again the chattering thoughts occupied my thinking

I see that the ball kept rolling along the smooth and red path and it was automatically moving forward according to my face just ahead

I see after a while I come towards a path split, left or right; I decide to go right and carry on, the ball was now behind me. I was now able to concentrate on my path and my pace quickened

I see a cluster of trees ahead and I continue forward until they are in front of me; They are five same looking trees and each have a branch with a book, just resting on there branches; I thought how odd to leave a book like that

I see myself looking around and decided to pick the left one which was the first tree in the cluster nearest me; It was leather bound and had a strap wrapped around it which I opened

I see it is parched paper and in the first page was six letters only, spread out covering the whole page; They were “U, I, A, B, U and R”, I somehow realised that they were codes to a knowledge, when opened would reveal its KNOWING; The rest of the pages contained a heart picture and the third a Stave. The whole book had only three pages

I see myself putting it back and pick up the second book; which had another six letters, exactly the same; The second page had a picture of a dove and the third a diamond

I see myself one by one going to each tree and noticed they all had the same first page but the second and third pages are free

I see the third book had a picture of the tree of life and a crown; the fourth second page was a crown again but larger and the next page a sword; the final book second page was another sword and a couple holding hands

I see in the last and fifth book there was an envelope and I opened it; it read

“” behold wise one you have now entered the Zone of instability and stability, be assured YOU are all KNOWING; Join hearts and be ONE. The sword will smite all fears and reinforce your wisdom from the dark; So enter now YOUR ball of wisdom””

I see myself looking at the ball which had become a ball of light and I noticed a portal had opened like a door; I decide to go into the ball, and immediately I am showered with lights going into my body

I see myself filling up with lights very quickly, and then falling asleep on the floor

I see myself wake up and I am back where I had started and holding a precious stone a ruby in my hand with an amethyst in the other hand

I see I have a blue stone, a sapphire as large as my hand in a pocket which I never knew I had

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too.

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi