SoS078 - My Chest covered


My Chest covered in symbols written in Hebrew and Vedic

I see a path and Jesus is their to greet me with an embrace and points to a distant open ground

I see myself smiling and headed in that direction, I wondered what was in the open ground, which now looks like a grassy area

I see myself walking with a steady pace and relaxed

I see a big star above which I had not noticed before or must have appeared suddenly; it is a planet and reminds me a lot like the moon when looking outside my bedroom window

I see myself concentration my focus on this planet and I can see it is similar in colour as the moon, but my super consciousness tells me it is not the moon

I see myself looking at a spot and focusing on the area

I see a mountainous looking region just about visible and another on the other side but a larger range

I see myself focusing back to the grassy area which was getting closer and closer ahead

I see that it is not a grassy area at all, but miraculously green lights coming from the ground and only shining there lights a meter high; even these lights were swaying like grass do; This whole area was like a field a very large on, perhaps a mile across and in width too

I see only grassy looking lights and in different shades of greens all long as I go through them; it is densely yet they do not obstruct my walking through them, instead they move effortlessly away as though they know I am here They even clear a path for me to walk through, how beautiful the whole area looks

I see myself walking through and no particular direction and my arms outstretched to touch these grassy looking lights, until I come to area hidden away and obscured; There are three red, one pink, five gold and three mercury silver coloured grassy lights coming from the ground

I see myself looking at them and realise that they are only about half a metre high and the reason why I could not see them before

I see myself sitting down close to these groups of lights and I realise that I have no shirt on; I wondered if I came like that when I started my journey; I look around thinking I had perhaps dropped it or even took it off not knowingly, yet nothing I could see

I see myself settling down and worrying about my shirt and just stared at these coloured lights

I see a golden light grow further and move towards me; then I notice its point had turned into a pen and started writing on my chest

I see it is writing in the old Vedic language and noticed a lot of symbols which I could not recognise; It covered the whole of my chest and even my stomach too

I see it retreat back to the same height and the three red come forward and start writing in between the golden writings; One was writing on my left the other on my right arms and the last red light carried on my chest; but this time it was in Hebrew

I see myself with my arms outstretched watching closely and excitingly the lights writing on my body; before they have finished

I see the mercury looking lights start writing on my feet, one left and one on the right; the last was writing something on my forehead and I started to close my eyes to silence and take time in absorbing the moment and reflecting on what is happening to me

I see myself opening my eyes and noticed they have all retreated and the pink light comes forward and rights a single symbol which I don’t recognise on my chest directly above my heart region

I see next the other golden lights rise above my head and shower me with golden lights; it actually felt like a warm bath yet the replacement of water was the lights

I see after a while I have turned a golden colour even my hair and all the writings I feel have been absorbed into my body and the lights retreat

I see myself feeling tingly and even a small currents go through my body and my muscles begin to spasm in some areas

I see a white dove fly down and rest on my head, which I thought was beautiful and carefully kept my head still not to move it

I see the dove lay an egg on my head which rolled down and I catch it; it was still warm and the size of a table tennis ball

I see the dove fly away and I look at the egg in the palm of my hand; miracously it begins to hatch slowly; first I can see its tiny beak pushing away the shell and hear the chirping sound of the baby dove

I see after a few minutes it has fully hatched and the bird looking tired resting on my palm of my hand; It was a beautiful sight watching the chick hatching

I see the scene changing

I see that I have finished

I see that my journey has finished too

The sight of the soul travelled by Shazi